You Only Live Once


Crime / Drama / Film-Noir

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
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Henry Fonda as Eddie Taylor
Sylvia Sidney as Joan Graham
Ward Bond as Casey - Guard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blanche-2 7 / 10

A superb commentary on the American judicial system and the romantic couple.

Fritz Lang did a great job with this well-acted, uniquely photographed drama from the '30s. It's not anything to see if you're looking for a lift, though. Henry Fonda and Sylvia Sidney, so young it's unbelievable, play a husband and wife escaping the law. Sidney is a secretary who falls in love with a convict and marries him as soon as he gets out of prison. He's a three-time felon and has a tough time getting back into society. Ultimately, he's convicted of a crime he didn't commit and sent to death row. He escapes with Sidney and they become sort of a Bonnie and Clyde on the run for the Canadian border.

There are some plot problems, for instance, how Fonda got the gun in order to escape. Also, the boss at the trucking firm where he works is over the top in his dislike for Fonda and refuses to give him another chance.

The acting is very intense from both Sidney and Fonda. Looking at the young Fonda, one can really see where Jane got her looks. This isn't a big film, nor is it a happy one, but it's worth seeing.

Reviewed by ([email protected]) 10 / 10

Now,you are free ,Eddie!

Director Fritz Lang helms this well mounted drama of a struggling couple. Henry Fonda is a petty crook attempting to reform when he is framed on a murder charge. He eventually breaks out of prison and tries to escape to Canada with his wife (Sylvia Sidney) only fate seems to be against them. A nice blend of drama and romance with Fonda and Sidney most impressive in the starring roles. The fine supporting cast includes William Gargan, Barton MacLane, Margaret Hamilton, and Ward Bond. Unfortunately this gem of 1937 is not available on video and is seldom shown on TV anymore.

Reviewed by tkulawik 7 / 10

Nice cinematography, but plot holes make it a little annoying

This is one of the lesser known Fritz Lang flicks, and is a good representative of its era : it basically is about how blood-thirsty society misjudges and mistreats some of its members, "making them murderers" (my favorite one of that kind must be a little later "The Talk of the Town" with Cary Grant).

You can see why Lang is regarded as one of the masters of German Expresionism - some shots are really weird (check the shot of the courthouse somewhere in the beginning of the movie) and he uses strange camera angles, which will later be repeated in many film-noirs.

Unfortunately the film suffers from several plot holes. It is not really clear how the gun ends up on Taylor's hospital bed, etc. But I can recommend the movie despite its shortcomings. If you're a Fritz Lang fan you musn't miss it. If you're a film-noir fan, you shouldn't miss it because of some of his elements that will be found is such masterpieces as "The Scarlet Street" or "The Big Heat". If you're a movie fan in general you are strongly advised to see it, and you will not waste the 85 minutes of your life.

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