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Emily Bevan as Lady Virginia Williams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lugo1989 9 / 10

A must see for every Formula 1 fan!

Definitely one of the best documentaries I've seen in a while. As a big fan of Formula 1 i couldn't wait to see this one since I realised that I actually don't know much about Frank Williams' life. And what a life this man had. From being obsessed with racing as a young man he did everything in his power to get to the top and it wasn't an easy way. He overcame many struggles which is truly inspirational.

This film goes quite deep to show us the relationships between the Williams family members. It carries quite an emotional punch but without ever being overly sentimental.

If you are a true Formula 1 fan you will definitely enjoy this and if you are not you will enjoy it as well since the story of Frank Williams can inspire people from all walks of life.

Reviewed by sam21462 10 / 10

Simply an amazing film

It is rare that a film leaves me feeling as this one did. It was moving, touching, honest and a bit haunting. More than anything, however, I want to stress the honor that I felt in being allowed to share in such an unbelievably intimate portrait of a family that has climbed a mountain and found another behind it.

It is a story off a man's consuming passion for a sport that would eventually lead him to the absolute pinnacle at the same moment that his life was tragically turned inside out by an accident caused by the very thing he loved, speed. More than that, however, it is a story of the grace of two women, his wife, Virginia and his daughter, Claire. While there are countless interviews with some of the greatest names in Formula 1, it is Virginia and Claire that truly steal the show and I was simply left in a bit of awe of them both.

Reviewed by dim_zax 9 / 10

A great, to the point, documentary

Frank Williams' life will probably be made into a movie someday. The struggles, the drama, the love of racing and the sheer drive for success, do make great ingredients for a movie. But this one is a -straight to the point- documentary. And a great one in my opinion.

Most people don't have the time, or simply don't care, for anything else than the image and the results. The statistics, the pure numbers and the balance. This film delves deep into Williams Racing, which frankly is the same as the Williams family and the few close friends of theirs.

It is clear that the documentary is not intended for the uninitiated in the racing culture and especially Formula 1. You will have to known faces and situations to get the full from the information and images you are seeing. And that may make it difficult for some to follow the swing from present to past to present again. But in return you get to see the people like they are, without evasions, and feel the story unfold before your eyes, like it is being written now.

In conclusion i think this film is less biased than the Senna documentary, better structured than the McLaren one, which seemed a little bit shallow in places, and would definitely recommend it to petrol-heads and F1 enthusiasts.

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