Whitney: Can I Be Me


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark10 6 / 10

Cracked at the top

Nick Broomfield tends to make controversial documentaries. He usually turns up with a camera and a boom mike and ensures chaos unfolds.

Whitney: Can I Be Me is a departure from Broomfield's usual documentary style. Using archive footage as well as interviewing some people who worked or were close to Whitney we see a person who came up from gospel singing and crossed over to pop and made it big in the USA and around the world.

In 1992 when she got an acting role in The Bodyguard, her profile went to the stratosphere. The film was a commercial hit, the songs became best sellers. Whitney's cover of I Will Always Love You has become an enduring hit.

Yet in 1992 she also married singer Bobby Brown despite some years of rumours about her sexuality. Brown was riding high as a pop star at the time, the general consensus was this was a union that would not last.

The trouble was it led to Houston going on a destructive path. Keen to hide her sexuality, wanting a child, her conflict with her and her family's deep religious convictions. Houston increasingly found solace in drugs as Brown and Houston engaged in wild living, he was also having affairs and she also had her own special friend in Robyn Crawford.

Undoubtedly this is a sad documentary. A life wasted and cut short. We see footage of another documentary that was shot in 1999 which followed Whitney in her last major world tour. After that her recording output declined, so did her voice but her erratic behaviour increased.

I think Broomfield himself liked her, hence a rather respectful approach. As her long term bodyguard commented, Whitney could had been saved but those around her were not interested in keeping her off drugs.

Reviewed by cre0420 4 / 10

Respectful, but nothing special.

Being a big fan I could not wait to watch this special. But it was anything but special. From the moment it starts it is a man talking about Whitney Houston's life and achievements with photos of her flashing in the background. If you have ever watched TV or picked up a magazine then you already know everything this show has to offer.

Reviewed by elishawin2005 9 / 10

Inaccurate ratings

I really don't see why this was given such a low rating. The documentary was done very tastefully. We all know Whitney had a drug problem but they didn't try to smear her legacy by showing all of negative things that were going on. I've watched many specials before and after she died but there were things in this documentary that I had never seen or heard before. That in itself says a lot. I would watch again one day. The biggest thing I'm left feeling is, I wish Bobbi Kris would have lived longer. Obviously I wish both of them would have but I can only imagine how much Whitney would have wanted Bobbi to flourish, be happy and live a wonderful life. It's all so very tragic. If you have ever been a fan of Whitney's I recommend you watch it. I don't think it's anything at all like the negative reviews are saying b

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