Vision Quest


Drama / Romance / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 58%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 6665


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Forest Whitaker as Balldozer
Madonna as Singer at Club
Daphne Zuniga as Margie Epstein
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ghenghy 9 / 10

It was made for the wrestlers and fans!

I've been a fan for over 10 years, both my daughters love this movie, and as a former HS wrestler I'm probably hooked for life. Begs to be remade with less emphasis on the goo goo eyes for Linda Fiorentino but Matthew Modine is just terrific, both as kid on a mission and a wrestler. 9/10

Reviewed by jimbospence1 10 / 10

Louden Swain gets the glory!

Any time I need to get psyched up this is the movie I think about. I learned watching it back in the 80's that if you have a dream you have to go after it because nobody is going to give it to you. It doesn't matter if you are a wrestler, a financial analyst, an astronaut or a bartender everybody has a dream. Louden set a goal, had a plan and went after what he wanted, that's what we all need to do. This movie has had a great effect on my life. I guess everybody has their own motivational tools and cheesy or not this is one of mine. From the peg board climbing scene to the Pele description scene to the warm up scene playing out to "Lunatic Fringe" before his match with Shute this movie, in my opinion is an inspirational masterpiece. I really wish they would re-release the soundtrack because I can't find it anywhere.

Reviewed by james_horatio 9 / 10

classic eighties movie

We used to watch this before big games. I especially like the Ronnie James Dio / Don Henley / Madonna soundtrack.

whatever happened to shute??? I hate wrestling but this is a classic underdog story.

Linda Fiorentino says she really likes 'big hands'. Hilarious. The wrestler character here is only about 100 times more believable than the Emilio Estevez character in Breakfast Club. Linda Fiorentino has great 80's hair in this film. The scenes with him climbing up the peg wall are the best non-Shute scenes by far. This picture has really solid naturalistic dialogue.

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