This Is Your Death



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James Franco as Male Host
Famke Janssen as Ilana Katz
Josh Duhamel as Adam Rogers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davejhawkes 1 / 10

No soul in this movie, terrible straight to DVD!

OK, so I read the IMDb 6.2 reviews and saw the trailer and decided to watch this film....wish I had sat and watched paint dry for 2 hours. This movie is terrible. Poor script, low budget and cheesy. It does not deserve a 6.2 rating, very disappointing and a wast of time and money. AVOID!

Reviewed by Eggbap 1 / 10

Utter garbage

If you found this film "thought provoking" and "multi-layered" then I feel sorry for you.

I was hoping for a well acted, well done take on reality TV but after the first 15 minutes is was clear that none of the above can be said about this film.

I felt embarrassed for those involved. Famke Janssen (Once Upon a Time in Venice, Blacklist / Redemption, X-Men) James Franco (Why Him? Burn Country, 127 Hours, Spider-Man 3) Josh Duhamel (Several Transformers) Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break, Colony, Walking Dead)

It felt like they had just finished high school drama, amazingly dismal.

Several great actors with many MANY great roles behind them, I can only presume they were blackmailed into doing this project.

Reviewed by SteverB 8 / 10

Better film than I thought it would be!

This was a far better film than I thought it was going to be. The premise seemed a little stale, so I didn't go into expecting much more than a semi-gory splatter film. It's really much more than that. There were some subplots that the film could have done without -- the boy with cancer, for example -- but otherwise the script and acting were very good.

I have a feeling that those trashing the film here don't want to face the fact that we as a society could very well be stepping into the realm this movie portrays; that we're only a step or two from bloodthirsty savages. If certain laws had loopholes, and a cable network wanted to air a show like this, it's a pretty sure bet that it would be a hit. We're not talking about a world in this film that is THAT fictional.

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