The Savage Innocents


Adventure / Crime / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wild-plum 10 / 10

An excellent movie

In the late sixties, bob dylan was asked how he came to write the song "Quinn the Eskimo". He replied that he'd seen this movie in which Tony Quinn played an Eskimo. The Savage Innocents is that movie. (In a much later book about his lyrics, Dylan says he doesn't remember how the song came about- like many of us, ol' bob's memory ain't what it used to be.)

This is the most accurate portrayal of Eskimo customs ever to come out of Hollywierd. It contrasts the cultural practices of Inuit and North American societies at a time when many Inuit people had not yet encountered the white man and his ways. The movie asks the question "who is savage and who is innocent?" The movie is full of memorable performances and "sound bites". You'll come away with a new appreciation for traditional Eskimo culture and more than a few new quotable quotes.

When Quinn the Eskimo gets here, everybody's gonna jump for joy!

Reviewed by artzau 7 / 10


This is a memorable film in many regards. Quinn plays an Inuit who inadvertently kills a priest who declines his offer of sexual hospitality with his wife. O'Toole, in his first film, plays a policeman who captures Quinn who later saves his life. O'Toole eventually lets Quinn go because he realizes that he will likely be convicted of murder because a Western jury won't understand he accidently killed the priest because he wouldn't sleep with his wife. There are some wonderful scenes of Inuit igloo life, including the daughter (Quinn's wife, Yoko Tani) chewing food for her mother (Marie Yang) because the mother's teeth are worn out from chewing skins. The film is full of surprises with little moments that delight an anthropologist familiar with Inuit traditions and lifestyles. No video, no DVD listed, so watch for it on the late show and enjoy seeing the exciting young Peter O'Toole in days before the good life got to him.

Reviewed by wedraughon 10 / 10

one of the best

I saw and heard Anthony Quinn in a television interview about his autobiography which had just been published. He said that there were only three films out of the many that he had made in his life that he was truly proud of. The Savage Innocents was one of the three. (Guess what the other two were. Right! Zorba and La Strada.) This estimation puts this movie in with some very select company. And this film deserves it.

It is NOT a documentary. There is a story here, an exciting story, at times edge of your seat--or maybe I should say, a number of stories, all interesting, all moving. The photography, sound, scenery, acting, all were excellent.

What struck me most, out of a long list, was the way the point of view of these Inuit people was gotten across. For instance, the missionary butts his head into the igloo and says, "God be with you." Quinn looks puzzled, glances at his wife and says, "No, there's nobody here but us." When the missionary goes on preaching at them, trying to convert them to the "true" faith, Quinn whispers to his wife, "I think he needs to laugh with a woman. Make yourself beautiful." In other words, the guy needs to get laid. The Freudian insight implied by these simple remarks is staggering. And this is only a small sample.

Perhaps the fate of this movie had a lot to do with the advertising. The picture at the top of this page suggests that this is a "savage" movie. It isn't. The title itself is unfortunate.

Yes, when oh when will we get to see this movie again? When will the savage and not-so-innocent moguls deign to put this beautiful film onto DVD?

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