The Osiris Child


Action / Adventure / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 98%
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Luke Hemsworth as Travek
Kellan Lutz as Sy Lombrok
Rachel Griffiths as General Lynex
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mark-179-360743 8 / 10

Decent good budget sci-fi effort

This movie has decent acting for the most part, very good effects and CG, a good score and a reasonable story - you get involved, care sufficiently about the characters and so forth. Its not earth- shatteringly original, but I didn't feel short-changed at any point. There is a lot of attention to detail, nice shots, some really nice sci-fi ideas (Love the perpetually revolving prison cells, for example...). Some bits are a little annoying, like the daughters diary voice-overs, a bit Terminator rip-off, but the whole thing works well, looks good and feels suitably polished to warrant your time. Its not going to break any new genre ground, and the gobby title will put off some, but this could easily be a decent pre-marvel cinema release, and I enjoyed it a lot. Some other reviews here look like shills, but it really is head-nodding-at-the-end decent.

Reviewed by mzand-751-539572 8 / 10

A pleasant surprise

Being a devout science fiction fan I've developed a philosophy: "We have to suffer for our sci-fi." Meaning that until recently there have been so few choices in sci-fi and even though most low budget attempts are mediocre and cheesy, we suffer through them anyway because we love the genre.

Every now and then a low budget indie comes along that surprises us by being even better than most high budget kin."Time Lapse," "John Dies in the End"and "Revolt" are prime examples of these overachievers. "Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child" is also in this category.

Set in the future, the story of SFVOOC, (abbreviated title)is about a disgraced former space pilot who sets off on a barren planet with a convict whose escaped the prison from hell in a race against time to save the pilot's twelve year old daughter -- a cross between "The Road Warrior" and "Alien." It's a gritty Aussie film with few pretensions a good story and good acting. Released around the same time as "Alien Covenant," it is head and shoulders above Ridley Scott's ponderous, idiotic remake of his sci fi classic. I would go so far as to recommend skipping AC and watch SFVOOC instead. You'll have a lot more fun and be far less annoyed.

SFVOOC is not a perfect film like "Ex-Machina" but an enjoyable effort worthy of our time.

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 10 / 10

The Aussies nailed this amazing low budget indie sci-fi flick - especially the Directing!

Wow, what a pleasant surprise this film was! This was the Australian production/version of Star Wars meets Mad Max meets Aliens!

The Aussies nailed this amazing low budget indie sci-fi flick, especially the tight directing and outstanding cinematography!

Director/writer/producer Shane Abbess impressed to the level of any top Hollywood director, creating a vision and executing it perfectly. Absolutely stunning cinematography, visuals, special effects, sets and locations. Editing and sound were both on point. I really felt as if I was watching some 100M+ budget big screen Hollywood production!

Let me clarify how and why I am so impressed - and how I rate a film accordingly and deserving of its merits (and not comparing it to similar big productions in the same genre): this was a low budget (approx 800k), independent film by a somewhat amateur director, writer and producer. Add to the mix some not-so-big B-list actors - only one being American and granted, the most notable in his role, Kellan Lutz. The end result was a stunning smorgasbord of visual satisfaction. I truly hope other reviewers rate this film on its merits as I did, as it's the only fair way to rate and review a film.

Yes, the writing (particularly some of the characters dialog and certain parts of the screenplay) could've use a little tweaking, and some of the characters could have been cast differently, but other than that, this film was outstanding in every other area of critique.

Had this film actually been a big budget A-type Hollywood film with any leading seasoned director/writer/producers, and backed by a big- named production company with an A-list cast, I would have rated it a disappointing 6-7/10.

But as I rate a film on it's merits as outlined above, and get as impressed and satisfied as I was after watching this film, it's a well deserved 10/10 from me!

I'm really hoping a Volume 2 comes out very soon! Great job and props to all involved in this little gem of a masterpiece!

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