The Man with the Iron Heart


Action / Biography / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
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Rosamund Pike as Lina Heydrich
Jason Clarke as Reinhard Heydrich
Mia Wasikowska as Anna Novak
Jack O'Connell as Jan Kubis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gino Cox 6 / 10

Feels like a big-budget television movie

"HHhH" ("The Man with the Iron Heart") is a decent historical war drama. It scores high marks for authenticity regarding locations, costumes, mores and props; however, with the exception of a few bare breasts, feels like a television movie. Although several thousand people are brutally murdered, the violence feels antiseptic, with a few spurts of blood and red stains on costumes, but no sense of either physical or emotional trauma. The nearly universal use of jiggly-cam shots serves as a constant distracting reminder that somebody is holding a camera, preventing the audience from ever fully suspending disbelief. Performances are good, but seem repressed, even when Reinhard tears up a room in frustration.

At the end, the viewer is left wondering what it all means. Tremendous risks were taken, resulting in terrible consequences. The filmmakers offer no interpretation or moral and insufficient perspective for the audience to make their own judgment.

Reviewed by Srinivas Bulusu 5 / 10

Great repetition...this is the actual postmortem report

I was intrigued by this Reinhard fellow and did some research and came up on this interesting publication in the a medical journal delving into the postmortem report. Worth a read:

The movie definitely portrays the mindset of the SS in a spine-chilling way. Having seeing Anthropoid there was no excitement was the movie went on as I knew what was coming.

Reviewed by dncorp 7 / 10

A strong first half but weak second half

Where did they get all of these props. Almost everything was Historically Accurate down to the clocks, German Hanomags SdKfz (Armored Cars), clothes, Uniforms. Whole City of Extras. The Street Cars, not something Modern CGI can do. Having been to Czechoslovakia "back in the day" still did not look like this 1930s to 1945, Czechoslovakia used to make some of the best Chrystal Glassware (cut crystal glasses), that I still have.

By having all of these authentic props this added lots of credibility to the movie. During the being there were only the early Panzers (tanks) this movie had those.

Asymmetric Warfare (Guerrilla Warfare) always has repercussions as the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.) later found out doing similar Missions at Occupied France and other NAZI Occupied Nations.

Never could understand why anybody would kill themselves instead of taking out as many Enemy as possible, until shot and killed. Killing as many Enemy while saving the last bullet for yourself sends the Enemy a different kind of message. For quite a while Operatives have been trained to shoot themselves in the left or right eye, not the temple of the head (not 100 percent assured death).

The animosity between the German Army (Wehrmacht) and the SS is displayed briefly. Many do not realize the hatred of the SA Sturmabteilung and the SS Schutzstaffel with the SS massacres of the SA, as depicted in this movie.

This Movie should be shown at German Gymnasiums (High Schools) as part of German History.

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