The Healer


Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

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Jorge Garcia as Father Malloy
Jonathan Pryce as Raymond Heacock
Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Alec Bailey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cory Michael 9 / 10

Good hearted, emotionally fulfilling movie that is surprisingly good

I didn't have much hope for the movie based on the actors as they're not well known... however I'm very glad I took the time to watch it. Oliver Jackson-Cohen played a very good role for this well written, somewhat emotionally tugging (in a good way) script.

There isn't anything specifically that will jump out to you or blow you away, however by the end, you'll feel very rewarded by what comes to light as the overall reason the movie was written and produced has one of the best undertones I've seen from anything in movies recently. There isn't a huge God based message in the movie, despite being about faith and something bigger.

Overall, I think Paul Newman would absolutely give The Healer a thumbs up. Most will be happy they spent the time to watch and feel emotionally rewarded for their time. Despite this movie not costing much to make, it's certainly one of the better flicks I've seen this year.

Reviewed by CorruptedDivinity . 3 / 10

Waste of time, even on a boring day

So I thought I'd have a lovely weekend coming, got this film to watch with my boyfriend on a rainy, cold November Saturday night and... what a disappointment. The main character is quite unlikeable, keeps repeating the same phrase that everyone is mental around him, doesn't even want to comprehend what's going on. The little girl that appears later in the film played well, yet her character came out of nowhere and the scenes they wanted to create with her and the main character (that were supposed to be heart-warming and sweet) were more cringy than what they were aiming for. The film had a lot of potential but it was ultra boring and dragging for too long. Don't recommend.

PS. Maybe I feel this way about it because I watched it before my period.

Reviewed by janielukie 4 / 10

Entertaining but confusing

I bought "The Healer" from a Christian movie store in Kampala, Which gave me an impression that it was a Christian movie, portraying Christian values. I must say I was disappointed by the very shallow and delusional content on Christianity contained in the movie. Worse still it seem to condone sin e.g Fornication, Lasibiansm, adultery... I think the movie would have been great if it was focused on fighting cancer.

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