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Richard Coyle as Oliver
Michael McElhatton as Famine Narrator
Leonor Watling as Bibiana
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Reviewed by pnck71 6 / 10

Not impressed

Just saw it at the Dublin Film Festival and, to be honest, wasn't very impressed. It was shown in the Irish category so I thought it would be one of those Irish films that are usually low-budget but personal, fresh and original. This one was none of that. It would be more in line with Hugh Grant's romcoms. I mean it's nice to watch with your missus, plenty of jokes thrown in, but it's more "one of those films" than "must not miss". I am not sure if it qualifies for a "Dublin film" either. You need to be Irish or at least someone with deep love for Dublin to make a truly "Dublin film". Here, the director/writers are not Irish and hardly been to Ireland before the film. They were just told (according to Q&A session) that Ireland is a cheaper place to film in, so they hired an Irish writer, changed the background to Dublin, and voilà - got an Irish film. Kind of cynical. So it's more "filmed in Dublin". Although the location crew did make a decent job of trying to avoid the usual clichés. So at least, you'll get some nice shots of the modern Dublin.

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