The Book of Henry


Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 7412


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Lee Pace as Dr. David Daniels
Naomi Watts as Susan Carpenter
Sarah Silverman as Sheila
Dean Norris as Glenn Sickleman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ruston95 8 / 10

Seriously underrated, and a great example of a filmmaker breaking all the conventional rules.

It's a rare occurrence in which I heavily disagree with critical responses to films. I had no idea what The Book of Henry was about. I hadn't watched a trailer and I hadn't read the IMDb synopsis. Save for watching a web critic's review (which was stunningly brief in plot description), I knew nothing going into this except that it was directed by Jurassic World's Colin Trevorrow, the man at the helm of 2019's Star Wars Episode IX. If I had seen the overwhelmingly negative reviews for this film prior to trekking down to the cinema to see it, I probably would have skipped out. Then again, it was either this or Transformers: The Last Knight, and I know well enough by now not to see a film with Michael Bay's name attached to it. But, here we are, I've seen The Book of Henry, and I really like it, disagreeing with the negative critical reception it has received.

It's difficult to dive too much into the plot of the film. That's not because it's hard to follow, but it fares better the less you know about it. Henry (Lieberher) is a kid genius. Inventive and constantly thinking, Henry is the man of the house. He looks out for his little brother Peter (Tremblay) at school and even provides guidance for his video game playing, picture book creating mother Susan (Watts), and going as far to even take charge of their financing. When he suspects that his next door neighbor and fellow classmate is being psychically abused by her stepfather, he takes it into his own hands to save her. And that's all I'm going to say, because the less you know the better.

I'm quite surprised by how many critics have trashed this. Naomi Watts is on top form here and carries the emotional weight of the film, and Jacob Tremblay (of last year's excellent Room) is again fantastic albeit playing a smaller role. Lieberher completely sells it as Henry and is likable as the title character. Michael Giacchino (composer of films like Inside Out and Rogue One) creates a beautiful score that fits the film perfectly, and Trevorrow's direction keeps the film afloat despite a few screenplay misfires. For the most part, the script works despite its somewhat unconventional narrative, but I found it continuously unpredictable and responded heavily to the performances, especially Watts. There are a few small misfires but on the whole, it works in its own peculiar way, and the film is beautifully shot.

Whilst The Book of Henry is certainly not for everyone, it had me from the get go. I was at first concerned with Trevorrow being the director for Star Wars Episode IX, but now I'm intrigued to see where he takes it. I'm grateful not to have known anything about this film before letting myself become absorbed by it, and I thought about it for a long while afterwards. On this rare occasion, ignore the bad buzz and give it a go.

Reviewed by doug_park2001 6 / 10

"Violence isn't the worst thing in the world"

"The Book of Henry" is definitely not for people who like taut, coherent, logical plots devoid of standard clichés. As others have noted, it's really all over the place, and its mix of silly comedy and tear-jerker tragedy, realism and fantasy, cuteness and horror, and so forth doesn't exactly pan out in the end. Still, if you enjoy films that are simply different experiences, emotionally stirring even if they require you to heavily suspend disbelief, perhaps lay it aside altogether, this film will probably prove worth seeing, and you may really love it. It certainly keeps your attention with numerous surprises and much suspense. Fine acting by Naomi Watts and just about everyone else, along with some stunning scenery of the upstate NY setting, also help this film. I am glad to have seen "The Book of Henry" and would like to give it a higher rating, but with all its issues, I just can't.

Reviewed by stevepat99 2 / 10

Spock would have said: So very illogical!

The first half of this film was okay. All actors fine except for Maddie playing Christina.Almost no dialogue or acting required...just look sullen, sullen and more sullen.

The second half of the movie has more holes then Swiss cheese. It was unbearable to watch utter nonsensical scene after scene.

School principal says nothing more can be done to help Christina regarding the suspected abuse by her step dad. Yet, when she dances at the talent show the principal seeing tears of sadness/joy??? decides to call the authorities, not the next morning, but supposedly that night. Christina has never confirmed to anyone that she's being abused. Views from Henry's house never show actual abuse, just sinister lighting. In fact, there is no frame in the film that shows Christina alone with her step dad inside the house. The thought of assassination where Christina has never uttered a word confirming it and neither Henry or Susan witnessed it was too far fetched. Much better would have been a Henry plan to prove his guilt and see him imprisoned forever.

Police cars, lights glaring rush to Glen's home after the Principal supposedly made a phone call. Since Christina never confirmed step dad's abuse the principal could say only that Christina, at the show, looked sad. This is somehow sufficient for an night time arrest warrant sending flashing police cars to make an arrest. Nonsensical.

In the end, Henry's 'plan' to save Christina is trashed by mom Susan. Then the worst of scenes. Women, unarmed, tells dangerous armed felon to look at her as she tells him: I'm the woman who will put you away forever if it's the last thing I ever do. Middle of woods, no witnesses... you think Glen might take her out to avoid a forever prison sentence? Naw, he just walks away, so that Henry's plan is a total bust.

If mom Susan had shot Glen there was no time for her to deal with a body, she had four minutes to get back to the show. Forensics would know the shot came from the tree house leading back to Susan. The gun store owner knows Susan's face.

Henry's famed red book, with all kinds of Henry's writings and sketches plus his 'plan' is tossed by Susan into the fireplace. No need to cut out the 'plan' pages and save Henry's precious writings/sketches.

Henry was such a 'brain' it is not possible he would've come up with a simple assassination plan instead of an exotic high tech plan to bug Glen's home with audio/video to easily gather evidence to put him away.

For those of us who watch forensic files Henry's plan would have insured Susan's tenure in the state pen.

On the plus side Henry's plan for mom Susan to become Christine's guardian did work but only after the Principal not mom Susan intervened.

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