The Bad Batch


Drama / Horror / Romance / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 44%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 11348


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Keanu Reeves as The Dream
Jason Momoa as Miami Man
Jim Carrey as The Hermit
Giovanni Ribisi as The Screamer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thekarmicnomad 5 / 10

So much going for it - but painfully slow

This is a dystopian movie about a young woman left out in a lawless desert with some real choice characters.

This film starts off very brutally but calms down considerably after the first few scenes.

The characters, acting, production and filming are really good. The story is adequate for needs. The scenery and leading lady are absolutely gorgeous.

So why the low score? The pace of this film is cripplingly slow. There are tedious scenes that should be time lapsed but are run in real time, there is lots of staring and grimacing in silence. You really can go and make yourself a sandwich during this and be safe in the knowledge that you are unlikely to miss anything.

A lot of potential, I really wanted to like this, but it is just so slow I was fighting to stay awake.

Reviewed by Theo Mwntli 1 / 10

Wasted Premise in an acting wasteland.

You'll need to suspend all of your disbelief to close the holes in this movie's plot, starting with the pumping-iron, body-building cannibals, working out and living in aluminum airplane wreckage in the burning desert sun, in the middle of nowhere. Sun block anyone?

Enter Protagonist Suki Waterhouse, 25, acting age 17, cute and lean, and apparently in the eyes of the body-builders, ready for the BBQ- Grill... Fresh Meat over aged, in wings and legs the saying goes? Predictably, escape follows, and Suki finds Keanu's Village of DJ's, Drugs, Dirt. (Keanu at least has a swimming pool and clean towels) That's Not good enough for Suki, She's in love with the Cubano, the "Artist" (and lead cannibal) with the mute daughter. Cubano's Mute Daughter is a MacGuffin.

The movie starts off "OK", with a good pace, and despite poor acting skill (Suki is mostly eye-candy, with a squeaky voice to match), it maintains an interesting premise. But then dramatically FIZZLES after Suki revenge kills Cubano's girlfriend. Then the "distopian love story" plot takes over and the movie is just embarrassing. There is zero chemistry between the actors, the writing is hideously awkward, and the location seems impossible. Grade F.

I would recommend the movie: "A boy and his Dog" for a successful example of this kind of Protagonist Survival in a post-apocalyptic world (with cannibals.)

Reviewed by Andrew Marks 2 / 10

Walking around, more walking, oh and did I mention walking?

I was excited to see this movie after reading the synopsis a couple of days before the screening. As the title of this summary suggests, there is a lot of walking in this movie. The story starts out semi promising with you wondering what happened to the earth but ends up being the walkiest and least talkiest movie I've ever seen. I know those aren't words but goddammit they get my point across.

The main actress is forgettable, Jason Momoa, Jim Carrey, and Keanu Reeves were miscast or maybe it was just the bad script? Possibly both? Back to the walking part, with minimal dialogue and no action whatsoever, this movie becomes a student film really quick. What I mean is that they don't cut out all the walking around and other useless scenes that should have obviously been taken out.

There isn't really a story, it's sort of tried to take elements from Mad Max and other post apocalyptic films that are much better than it and hope the audience notices and doesn't care or doesn't notice at all.

My suggestion: don't see it unless you want to be bored to death.

Seen at TIFF 2016.

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