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Madeline Zima as Holly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thekarmicnomad 9 / 10

A funny, light, touching gem of a movie

Two people are forced to extend a one night stand due to a huge traffic jam.

This film is the rarest of beasts: a clever comedy that is actually funny.

Most of the action is inside the car with the two struggling to pass the time, the rest is flash backs of the drunken night that led up to their predicament.

At first I thought they made an unlikely couple, but the chemistry between them is great. Lots if the comedy is observational and very sharp.

It is nice to find something that has a little depth but is still light and funny (this is no "Broken Flowers" or "Lost in Translation" yawn fest)

If you are a fan of the Seth Rogan kind of humor you may find this a little bland and tame. For me it was perfect.

I loved both characters and really got invested. The pace of the film is quite slow and considered. To break up the narrative you get snap shots of the people trapped in the jam around them.

A great, subtle, funny, clever little movie.

Reviewed by starsandcigarettes 7 / 10

More than just an MTV Before Sunrise

I wasn't too sure about this, but it piqued my interest somewhat, So I took it out. When it opened with some really bad girly girl music, I was like 'oh god, this was a mistake'. But then it got better , and thank f*** so did the music.

What I really took from this movie was how my fondness for each character gradually developed by seeing him/her through the eyes of the other character - And it was like a vicarious light-bulb moment you share with them when they start to realise; 'hang on a sec we're actually very compatible'. I can't, off hand, think of another movie that does this so effectively.

So it doesn't posses that same sleeper indie understated cool that 'Before Sunrise' does. But there's something about these two characters that make them seem more real, honest and relatable. I guess this juxtaposition between the two films (where this one could so easily have been called 'After Sunrise'), is the movie's whole point.

I don't know, but an average rating of 5.7 just doesn't seem fair for a beautifully written script with such excellent dialogue. Well done to everyone involved

Reviewed by bobbyhollywood 7 / 10

A good time was had by one and all *slight spoiler*

I decided to watch this movie because it was available on cable, and the price was right. Also the idea, I felt was a good one. Having lived in Los Angeles most of my life.

At first I had to get involved, Ms. Zima coming into view helped that. Then as things developed I was slowly getting hooked.

The association of Ms. Zima and Mr. Moore came across as a very good one, and they earned their wages with the performances they gave.

Many years ago I wrote a little story about someone being chased on the freeway system in Los Angeles, and how lonely it really was, even though all those people were there. In this movie it captures some of that loneliness, which I don't think many relate with. I really liked Ms. Zima's finger switch, an old gag but not seen in many years.

A really fun movie, and worth the admission price, if you can - watch it.

Also Mr. Moore is in the television show Forever, and does some good work.

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