Star Trek: The Motion Picture


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ronski11780 10 / 10

Star Trek Done Right!

It's amazing how many Trekkies I meet describe Star Trek the Motion Picture as "A good sci-fi film, but an awful Star Trek movie."....And that's when they're feeling generous!

This statement can't be farther from the truth. The story is well written and director Robert Wise makes the characters believable. The movie is not filled with the goofy jokes and ridiculous Shatner back-flip fight scenes that some Trekkies seem to enjoy. Instead, the battle with the mysterious alien entity reveals the dynamics and inner conflicts of the crew. Spock realizes that pure logic alone cannot answer all, but must be coupled with emotion in order to tap into our creative imagination and see the possibilities of our universe. Kirk is portrayed as a daring and brilliant captain, who learns that as a leader he needs to rely on the expertise of those around him. He is a more believable figure who is fallible and struggles to learn from his mistakes.

The Enterprise is not envisioned as an easy to fly wonder ship that requires no more than the main Trek cast to run, but as a complex machine that needs precise tuning of components balanced by a crew of hundreds. The scene where Spock and the engineering crew struggle with balancing the mathematical models needed to program the warp engines convey the real dangers of space flight.

Additionally, both the visual and audio effects add to the impact of this movie. For a film made in '79, before the advent of believable CGI, the special effects are superb. Believe it or not, I've noticed special effects scenes in Independence Day taken directly from Star Trek:TMP footage (scan the shots of the inside of the mother ship (ID4)when Will Smith is making his escape run).

All in all, the ingredients of good character development, believable conflict, and hard science make this movie the true precursor to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Unfortunately, Star Treks III, IV, and V avoid the hard work this movie required and depend on the silly antics of its maturing crew.

Reviewed by garthbarnes-62014 1 / 10

Star Trek: The Motionless Picture

Spoilers Ahead:

This film is not slow; this film is like geological time. It felt like several years long. When I waited in line for hours, in 1979, after Paramount acted like it was the second coming, you had a whole lot of angry people. By the time the film was over, the theater was half empty. Some people were asleep, I am not exaggerating. Long shots of every possible angle of a poorly glued, crappy model. Do you blame them? I really like Alan Dean Foster; this is the man who wrote ALIEN. Let's look at this great script; an intelligence way ahead of us and it cannot tell scans from weapons attacks? It only thinks sentience is machine based on its travels through the universe it never encountered organic intelligence? Its ignorance of organic life is so profound, it needs to hijack a bald woman and remake her as a mechanical probe? It thinks a cheap piece of junk some monkey boys sent into space is like it is? Was Alan on medication when he wrote this?

The acting, even for Star Trek, is just awful. This film was legendarily bad; the studio went nuts and rushed Wrath of Khan out as fast as they could, they even used the effects scenes from this movie. If you watch carefully, in Wrath of Khan, you can see the scenes they lifted right out of this. They had no choice; the Trekkie's had a baby when this came out. It is so slow, boring and poorly written. Wise made my favorite movie: The Sand Pebbles, what happened Bob? It is the worst film made in the entire 1970s; nothing even comes close. We are the Creator? In your dreams, pathetic humanists. Oh, how they loved saying those words every humanist's dream to be God. They killed off theirs, they believe, and their quest is to make themselves God. Yes, this hyper intelligence never knew you made that piece of junk and needs to bow down before you. I am going to vomit.

Trust me, you do not need to know the esoteric plot; it is the most boring movie you will ever watch. I filled a room with 12 people; within a half hour everyone but me and my best friend were sound asleep. Robert Wise never made another Trek movie for a reason young people; when this was released people were really, really angry. The first 45 minutes, nothing and I mean nothing happens. Bring a pillow and an alarm clock, you will need them.

Reviewed by Adán Castillo 10 / 10

The Most Beautiful Science Fiction Movie Period....

**No Spoilers**

I think Orson Welles said it best in the trailers for this film.

"It will startle your senses. Challenge your intellect. And change your perception of the taking you there."

Indeed it will and does.

Let me start off by saying, by all means: You don't have to be a fan of Star Trek to get into this movie. I'm not. Just watch it, and the motion picture will do the rest. I've been told countless times that Star Wars is the greatest Sci-fi film of all time. I'd like to correct those people. Star Wars is the greatest "action and special effects sci-fi film" of all time. Nothing more....and nothing less. I'm a big fan of Star Wars. It was my favorite sci-fi movie--even beating out Alien, 2001, and Starship Troopers.

That was until I saw this film. I remember right after watching Star Wars that I felt good inside because it was a rush that one can only get--from eye candy. Star Trek: The Motion Picture gave me a different rush--a more profound touch that made me realize movies can have a deeper meaning. Much like 2001, this deals with life....actually more about the "meaning" of life. The purpose of existence. Some of the best quotes in cinema history can be traced to this film. My favorite line is from Spock. It pretty much sums up the theme of Star Trek: The Motion Picture

"Each of us, at some point in our lives, turns to someone - a father, a brother, a God - and asks, "Why am I here? What was I meant to be?"

One thing that really stands out in Star Trek: The Motion Picture is the musical score by Jerry Goldsmith that makes me wonder if it was blessed by God. Star Wars could never get me to buy the soundtrack on CD. This movie has. I wonder why this didn't win an Oscar for best score.

Now to the plot:

When three Klingon (Alien) Starships are attacked and erased from existence by a vast giant omnipotent cloud, drifting in space; a close by Star Base finds out that not only is the cloud headed directly towards them, but is also on a direct path for Earth. The Star Base in question (The Epslion 9) sends a message to Star Fleet for a Starship to be sent and prevent it from reaching Earth.

The only Starship in enough range to stop the cloud in time is none other than the famous Enterprise from the infamous 1960s television series. The Starfleet legend and hero Captain Kirk and the rest of his crew from the also famous five year mission of the show, make a comeback for one last mission (and many more later, but those are other movie reviews).

Before the crew can start on their mission, they patch up old wounds put aside their anger for each other to face the menacing unknown that awaits them, realizing this may be the last time they speak to one another...alive.

Not much is known about the cloud or why it is erasing everything in it's path from existence; other than what Spock, the science officer of The Enterprise, has sensed from it....

"It only knows that it needs, Commander. But, like so many of us, it does not know what."

Suspense eats away at you when the final showdown between The Enterprise and the intelligent vast cloud finally comes. And the movie doesn't stop their. Like I said, the movie talks about the meaning of life.

If you can, buy the director's cut on DVD or VHS. This IS the most beautiful science fiction movie you will ever see.

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