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Maya Rudolph as Eunice
Danny Glover as Ambrose
Joel Murray as Gringo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 5 / 10

Hog roadtrip...

When I found "Mr. Pig" I can't say that it was a movie that I knew anything about. I picked it up solely because I saw Danny Glover on the cover, then I read the synopsis and thought that it did have the potential to be an interesting movie.

Now, I will say that while the movie is entertaining, it was a bit too mundane and generic for my liking. Sure, I was entertained well enough by what the movie turned out to be, however I had just expected somewhat more from it at the hands of director Diego Luna.

The story, briefly summarized, is about an aging man named Howard, whose Health is declining, who takes to the road for Mexico with his beloved pig Howard.

Of course there is more to the story that just that, because it also deals with family connections and bonds, and the attachment that stands between man and animal.

"Mr. Pig" did have some good acting performances, and Danny Glover was quite enjoyable in the role of Ambrose. It was also good to see Maya Rudolph in a role that stepped out of the usual comedy characters that she portrays.

The characters in the movie were quite well-defined and well-rounded, with lots of depth and characteristics to them. And that was a good Foundation for the movie, especially when much of the movie was based on a select few characters.

However, "Mr. Pig" turned out to be a mediocre movie for me. It had some entertaining enough moments, but the overall picture was just one of mediocrity. "Mr. Pig" is not the type of movie that seems to sustain multiple viewings, because it just didn't have that particular quality to it. "Mr. Pig" is entertaining enough in its own rights and for what it turned out to be, just don't set your expectations too high though.

Reviewed by yagulito 10 / 10

Mr Pig not bad...!!!

This film has a very unique story also has obviously great actors with a very great scenery in the last few minutes of the film which is really beautiful I enjoyed the film, sometimes the film was a a bit annoying, but despite that the actors act great; is an independent film which works beautifully The message of the film is great the photography like I mentioned before is south west of the bay which is very beautiful; it was located in Boca De Tomatlan,Jalisco, Mexico 🇲🇽 And near by surroundings going south of Mexico on the bay off Puerto Vallarta,Jalisco, 🇲🇽

Which is not mentioned in the film . I hope everybody enjoys this film because I certainly did Enjoy it especially the scenery which was very beautiful and remind me when I just to live in in Puerto Vallarta with my friends in Nadaderos near Boca De Tomatlan.

Enjoy the film Juggalos 🇲🇽👍🏾👌🏾😁🎥😄👀

Hello to everybody over there Yaagul.

Reviewed by ksf-2 9 / 10

road trip caper in Mexico

Mr. Pig is a road trip film, where we follow "Ambrose" (Danny Glover) as he drives down into Mexico with his hog, to be sold south of the border. The IMDb page for this film is pretty sparse, so not a lot of info. When he sees how the son of his old friend is keeping the hogs, Ambrose goes nuts, and changes his mind. He takes the pig back, and heads back home. Of course, his daughter Eunice (Maya Rudolph) catches up with him, and confronts him. Crazy adventures as Ambrose, Eunice, and Howard the pig run around Mexico in a caper. Ambrose has health issues, Howard has health issues, and Ambrose is determined to get a fair price for him. Some funny scenes, where father and daughter check into a motel, but the bed is round like a honeymoon suite. The editing and the script are both really great. It almost plays like a documentary, but the music helps set the scene. Beautiful outdoor scenes of Mexico. It really has a sense of adventure... the whole time, we're not sure what's going to happen next. As it should be. Screenplay and direction by Diego Luna. Luna has done a wide variety of projects, as writer, director, actor. Great stuff. Highly recommend it. Playing on netflix.

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