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Lee Marvin as Sgt. Magruder
Rock Hudson as Lt. Lance Caldwell
Anthony Quinn as Osceola
James Best as Corp. Gerad
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Reviewed by alexandre michel liberman (tmwest) 8 / 10

Their greatest enemy were the everglades.

Before his famous films with Randolph Scott, Budd Boetticher made some excellent westerns and Seminole is one of them. The most impressive thing about it is the scenery, the beautiful colors, the everglades, the body painting and the costumes of the Seminoles. Rock Hudson is Lt. Lance Caldwell that goes to Fort King in Florida but does not get along with his superior officer Maj. Harlan Degan (Richard Carlson). Also his girlfriend Revere (Barbara Hale) seems distant. Both Caldwell and Revere had a common friend, half Seminole, who has disappeared. Degan wants to catch the Seminoles off guard and forces his men to go on a senseless mission on the everglades,carrying an enormous cannon. The group is not prepared to face the savage jungle, their own uniforms look out of place in that heat, where they are constantly sweating. Most of the film is told in flashback when Caldwell is in a court martial. This is an eastern western, entertaining, that did not age and that shows the Seminoles with respect and dignity.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

Too Bad We Didn't Get The Real Story

Seminole is a tale of those Indian Wars the United States fought with the native tribe of Florida and of their charismatic chief and martyr Osceola. Although Rock Hudson and Barbara Hale starred, the real star of the film and one who would have made a great Osceola had the real story been told was Anthony Quinn.

One thing that is true was that Osceola was of mixed heritage. Hudson plays a newly minted US Army lieutenant who is from Florida and assigned back there to do scouting for Major Richard Carlson commander of Fort King. The Seminoles are hostile now as they've not been before, with good reason considering President Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy. They're not about to let happen to them what happened to the Choctaws, Cherokees, and Creeks to the north.

Quinn and Hudson knew each other as kids and both are rivals for Barbara Hale who serves as an intermediary. If a peaceful settlement of things were ever possible, it won't be because Richard Carlson, a spit and polish martinet is looking for military glory. Carlson really chews the scenery here, he should have dialed it down a bit.

In one respect the film is daring, showing an interacial romance between Hale and Quinn. Hudson is distinctly second fiddle to Quinn in his pursuit of Hale.

The story is told in flashback by Hudson at an army court martial presided over by Zachary Taylor played by Fay Roope. Although Osceola died in army custody, the facts here are totally wrong. He was tricked into captivity and was transported to Fort Moultrie in South Carolina where he died. I won't tell the story of the film, but do know that this ain't the way it happened. They've got the year wrong, Osceola died in 1838 and the film at the beginning identifies the time as 1835. Also the army is firing revolvers, not yet invented by Samuel Colt, though director Budd Boetticher spotted that one and he carefully edited the movie so as not to show anyone firing more than once. The cap and ball was still in use then.

Budd Boetticher took some time away from working with Randolph Scott and he would have been a good director to have told the real story of Osceola. He and Quinn would have made a great team.

Reviewed by jjnxn-1 7 / 10

Good early Rock

Better than average drama with a decidedly pro Indian slant was one of the many films Rock cranked out on his way up, this was one of seven pictures he made in 1953. He gives a good performance, one of his better early ones, as the resolute soldier who is on trial for his life.

The cast is full of familiar faces most of whom were also just starting out and would go on to greater fame like Lee Marvin, in good guy mode here, and Russell Johnson. Richard Carlson is the sore spot in the picture, he starts out okay but ends up chewing the scenery in an over the top performance.

Barbara Hale was never particularly well served by films having much more success on TV as Della Street on Perry Mason nor is she very well used here but she looks probably the best she ever did on screen beautifully shot in Technicolor and as Revere Muldoon has one of the greatest character names ever. Not really a western, not even set in the west but Florida this is an enjoyable picture especially for military history buffs.

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