Resident Evil: Vendetta


Action / Adventure / Animation / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 6297


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Brian T. Delaney as Soldier
Erin Cahill as Rebecca Chambers
Kari Wahlgren as Nadia
Matthew Mercer as Leon S. Kennedy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shovon 9 / 10

Very very satisfied with my Sunday evening choice

Great Fun

on a Sunday evening I was thinking hmm...nothing to what to watch ..& tuned into this with not much expectation. At the end of it, I would review it as one of the finer action 'movies' I have seen till date , i.e if this can be termed as a movie.

Action: 9.8 /10 (I don't know what's holding me not to give a 10 here) I want to see Chris and Leons moves again in slow-mo, all moves they made were not 'cartoonic' at all..but real life dynamic moves which will yield more or less the same results :). Too good..thx. Capcom

Storyline: 6 to 7 . with some RE clichés like always saved by the choppers.

Overall: Very very satisfied with my Sunday evening choice :)

Reviewed by Kyuketsuki Elin 5 / 10

I will not sugar coating It, It unspekable BAD EVEN FOR DIE HARD RE FANS like me

I wait it for long, my hope get high, cause once again my favorite character Leon S. Kennedy wiill meet my second favorite character Chris Renfield, hope it will overstep ahead RE animation adaptation before (Read RE: Degeneration and RE Damnation), but i get goddamn wrong and this one is really disappointed as RE die hard fans, compare to RE Damnation. It whole trash and cgi-porn, okay i admit it, quality of animation is really good and candy in my eyes, but with their bad story, even good animation one can help it become less bad, tragic. Sorry, i understand for RE die hard fans like me, we still watch it no matter what review say, but i warn you, its really not worth your time, i wanna forget this one is ever exist and believe RE Damnation is the last one RE animation adaptation i ever watch, it far more beter than this one, in every aspect except mayv=be animation quality level.

Reviewed by maealhoor2001 8 / 10

Good film as the Original Game

For the fan of the original game, this movie is taking you back to the old good game, if you fan of the original series (RE 1 & 2), you will like it.

I just hope that Capcom will make a new Game just as the good old games my suggestion to them to make a game based on this film.

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