Red Christmas


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Reviewed by Hellmant 9 / 10

Begins with an Abortion Clinic bombing, and never lets up!

Fantasia 2016: 'RED Christmas': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Another entry in this year's 'Fantasia International Film Festival', is this Australian slasher flick; written and directed by actor, and TV director, turned first time feature filmmaker Craig Anderson. It stars veteran scream queen Dee Wallace; as a mother, protecting her family from a deranged home intruder (on Christmas day). The movie costars Sarah Bishop, Janis McGavin, Gerard Odwyer, Sam Campbell, Geoff Morrell, David Collins, Bjorn Stewart and Deelia Meriel. The film is pretty dark, and twisted, but it's also a lot of fun; if you enjoy this type of movie.

The story is set on Christmas day; when Diane (Wallace) has gathered all of her offspring together, to celebrate the holiday. Some tense drama erupts, immediately between her daughters, but that changes when a creepy cloaked stranger (Campbell) knocks on the door. Diane invites him in, to be hospitable, but she soon realizes she doesn't want him there; when the stranger brings up past heartbreaking trauma. The family kicks the unwanted guest out, which they quickly realize was a mistake, when family members begin showing up dead (one by one).

The movie is frightening, and quite disturbing (in many different ways); it begins with an Abortion Clinic bombing, and never lets up from there. The directing is very stylistic (in a classic 80s slasher flick way), and the story is surprisingly involving. All of the characters are really well developed, and the performances are equally as impressive. Dee Wallace is especially amazing, in the lead role. I was really impressed by how much I enjoyed this movie! If you're a horror film fan, you'll probably love it.

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Reviewed by Indyrod 8 / 10

Not your usual holiday slasher movie, a story with plenty of gore

The movie tonight is a 2017 entry into the Christmas horror list "Red Christmas", and it is a very disturbing movie, nothing like what you are used to from these holiday massacres. No bad Santas, no slashers killing random for no apparent reason, this actually has a pretty decent story. Dee Wallace produced and starred in this very gory movie with plenty of bloody kills. A family unites for Christmas in a remote home, and then a stranger covered in a cloak and nothing that reveals his true appearance appears, creeps everybody out, and is thrown out. As members of the family start to end up in a bloody mess, the real reason for all of this carnage reveals itself. Believe it or not, this is an anti-abortion message movie, which is explained at the beginning, but you have no idea how extreme that is going to go. I found it very interesting, very good performances, even though the family characters annoyed me to death. As the family is killed off, I was hoping they all would, which turned out pretty true. Not a spoiler, because it is pretty evident after you find out the real story. Anyway, I guess you need to see it, even though even myself found it very distasteful and as I said disturbing.

Reviewed by GL84 6 / 10

Not all that bad but does have some big flaws

Arriving for a family holiday, a group of people in a remote mansion for a get-together find themselves stalked by a homicidal madman intent on punishing them for their beliefs against abortion and must fight to save their Christmas from the deluded psychopath.

This was a solid if slightly flawed effort. One of the better aspects here is the film's rather strong and enjoyable concept of the holidays where this one finds plenty to like here. Taking place in Australia instead of out in the countryside has plenty of somewhat familiar celebrations to focus on, from the way the food preparations are given to the way the house holds up under the decorations and lights which manages to really let the holiday flavor really sink in here. That also helps with the later slashing antics here, with the film featuring some solid scenes here with the opening ambush on the hospital carrying out the service which allows for a more action-oriented start, the initial appearance on the house which manages to feature some rather decent stalking with the killer moving through the various areas of the house which makes for some tense confrontations out in the backyard or through the kitchen. Once it gets to the killer chopping through the family members this one gets incredibly fast and frantic with plenty of nice scenes featuring the family continually trying to avoid his advances as the brawling throughout the house and outside generates the kind of solid action that makes for a solid and enjoyable time here as well as letting the excessively brutal and graphic kills generate some solid enjoyment here. These here manage to hold this one up over it's few but somewhat significant flaws on display. The main disadvantage is the fact that the film has way too many connections to the abortion theme which is incredibly hackneyed and doesn't really generate the impact it could've. The fact that this one ties that into the reasoning and motivation make no sense as the people said to have that condition are far and away completely different from that mindset and wouldn't have any kind of impetus to go on this rampage as that gives this the kind of cheesy feel that goes against the important message it's trying to make with that storyline. Not only that, but the killer himself is a joke with his hobbled and bent-over appearance not in the slightest invoking any kind of fear due to the fragile nature of his physical form, and that large number gathered together with weapons would have no problem ganging up to overpower and subdue him, especially in his physical state which doesn't in the slightest look capable of inflicting that type of intense trauma on people. The last issue is the rather awkward finale that goes on way too long and seems like it lasts too long to get it up to a respectable length, rather than flowing naturally. These here are all that really hold it back.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, a mild sex scene and themes of abortion.

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