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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fishrocket 4 / 10

Typical, Predictable, Boring

I did not enjoy this movie for the price of $6.99

The plot is predictable and shallow, the acting is subpar, and production felt thrown together like it was made in a Olympic sized pool with little thought given to making it feel deep, dangerous, and under pressure. Flashing lights in the "bell", shaking camera work, character development jumping around forcing you to care about their pasts like it matters ( it doesn't) and all the way to the end felt like 100% cliché. Don't waste the cash on this one, wait for it to come on the local cable. Im not a critic, but I watch 2-3 movies every single night.. I made an account just to review this movie and warn others that it is not worth spending money to watch.

It is NOTHING like the Abyss, and far from Black Sea ( and I didn't exactly love that one either, but Id watch it twice over this once).

I predicted everything that happened in this movie, rolled my eyes nonstop and said out loud several times.. how is this film $6.99!!??

Reviewed by Paul Obernay 4 / 10

Very Poor Extremely disappointing

I have just watched the Movie pressure, which I was actually quite looking forward too. However, having now seen it, I can only say it was quite disappointing. I could not believe how technically incorrect it was, it even failed at the most basic level.

Saturation divers at a working depth of 650 feet do not breath air as was not only stated several times during the film but also on the DVD box cover and claimed by the Director in the bonus clips on the DVD. Saturation divers breath a mixed gas of Helium and Oxygen which is approximately 97% helium 3% Oxygen. They do not refer to it as air, they refer to it as gas.

If the Director of the film cannot even establish the most basic information to be technically correct then it is no surprise that the story line and script was so weak and such a washout. Even the end seen showing the survival of the baby diver of the group is complete nonsense, this would have resulted in an explosive bend which would literally have blown the young man's body apart.

There was an incredible amount of technical inaccuracies in this film far too many to list here. This combined with an incredibly poor disjointed weak script should really have confined this movie to be left sunk at the bottom of the ocean.

If you do want to watch a movie about saturation divers that get trapped at the bottom of the sea in a diving bell that is technically accurate, is a claustrophobic and nerve tingling drama with a good story line then I recommend you watch the English version of the Norwegian made film from 1989 called The Dive (Dykket in Norwegian).

I would not recommend anyone to pay money to go and watch Pressure.

Reviewed by quincytheodore 7 / 10

Dramatic deep sea desperation

Pressure is an example of how to make a small scale movie right. Put several characters on a predicament and let them resolve the increasingly dangerous issues with nature and probably each other. The movie is set nearly exclusively on one location, yet this claustrophobic environment is showcased with rich visual, even sometimes ironically beautiful. The cast, though small, has enough drama for an engaging thriller.

Story follows four men who are tasked to fix oil pipeline on sea bed. This is a very risky job since there's a storm brewing and sure enough, they find themselves trapped underwater. With pressure differential, amongst other lethal problems, they have to work together to ensure their survival. The plot offers healthy amount of realism with its taxing physical condition as well as human nature in jeopardy.

Surprisingly, the simple setting and premise are effective in creating tension. Characters are decent, each of them has their own vice and these make the already volatile situation escalate. Delivery from the actors are nice, coupled with good pacing, the dynamic between them feels natural. It is quick on introduction and doesn't prolong the scenes needlessly, making the desperate men appear more identifiable.

Graphic is not the usual sea oriented or submarine movie, it's in fact quite pristine. The overall tone is painted with blue tint, it eases the sense of dread in sophisticated way. Some of the scenes have outstanding cinematography so the audience won't be lost despite the murky surroundings. A minor obstacle is the movie use to specific lingo that might confuse casual viewer, but majority of the time the dilemma is expressed with adequate simplicity so it can easily capture the thrill.

Cleverly implementing fast pace, good characters and clear visual, Pressure makes the modest premise into an engrossing voyage.

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