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Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by WhenAmyMetSalad 3 / 10

Mighty Morphin with SPOILERS at the end.

TL;DR - Slow, boring, not entertaining, Fant4stic was better.

I followed this movie around the time it was first announced and even partook in the boards and seeing all the news and leaks about the movie. I was not too fond of certain things about this movie especially certain casting as I felt it wouldn't fit. I honestly really wanted to enjoy this movie but when the trailer hit I had a bad feeling and should have stuck to it.

My friend dragged me to go watch it with him and I hated almost every minute. After reading mixed reviews the ones that resonated with me are the ones that shared my same opinions.

The movie lacked good comedy, needed to improve on action. It dragged and dragged with these poorly acted characters and mundane character development for our protagonists. The only fun character was Rita. Elizabeth Banks did a great job making that character hers and making her feel more menacing than she was in the show. I've only ever liked her in one other franchise and that was The Hunger Games so to be honest I am surprised I liked Rita as much.

--- ***SPOILERS BELOW***---

The movie started off good with the ending of a battle scene which introduced our antagonist and the seriousness of a threat our heroes will encounter down the road. Rita literally kills the previous Ranger team and is the ever so loved Green Ranger which was teased and theorized throughout set photo leaks. This scene and the final Battle where Rita gets B-chSlapped to the moon was the only entertaining thing in this whole movie. Everything in between was utterly boring. You will seriously have a more fun time watching the Ghostbusters Remake or the Fant4stic reboot.

Reviewed by lcocsj 1 / 10

Horrible messages sent to children throughout the film

just got back from seeing POWER RANGERS MOVIE with kids. I guess I should have been suspicious that the theater was virtually empty on the first day of Spring Back as to how bad this film is. people are steering clear of this trash. it's not that the film was awful due to production standards... the movie was bad due to the negative messages it sent. this is a kids' movie mind you... where to even start? 1) within the first 7 minutes, it is discussed that one boy milked a "cow", not realizing it was a "single-udder bull" - explain that to your kids. 2) one of the "hero" characters steals two vehicles in the film, leads police on high-speed chases, and destroys both vehicles (NOT while he is trying to save lives... he is literally running from the law because he committed crimes). 3) the same character (a hero) mentioned in #2 is sentenced to an electronic tether house- arrest. he tricks an autistic boy to hotwire the electronic tether so he can go wherever he wants. 4) in stealing one of the vehicles, the 5 main kid characters attempt to beat a speeding train - NEVER NEVER EVER SHOW THIS IN A KIDS' MOVIE!!! NEVER!!! and of course, they fail - all dying - then miraculously are alive the next day. 5) all five main kid "hero" characters (16 / 17 years old) enjoy beers while having a campfire - AFTER they have been informed that they will be the ones to save the planet because of their "pure" hearts. 6) the film LITERALLY tells us "Being different is good, being 'normal' is bad"... they don't say "it's okay to be different", they say the first line I typed. literally. this is the dialog. well, since EVERYONE is different, and we all know that... then what is "normal"? is normal obeying laws? is normal listening to your parents? according to the film, being "normal" (which they tell us is bad) is having a job, obeying the law, worrying about your own safety, and not caring about anybody else. 7) EVERY swear word imaginable is used in this film except the F-bomb. 8) finally - TWO other messages are LITERALLY spoken in the film. #1 is - "Forget about all the bad things you have done in your life and just move on". um... wait... don't you have to make amends for those bad things? just move on? like cutting off your tether? taking advantage of a gifted autistic person? stealing vehicles? #2 is - "You five kids have the purest hearts on Earth, that is why the power has chosen you"... again... wait... so, the kids that have the WORST track record of kids on the ENTIRE PLANET have the "purest hearts"? so... the rest of the population is all bad or "normal" as they tell us? parents: DO NOT waste your time or money taking your kids to see this monstrous garbage film. you'll have too much explaining to do when it's done. they've taken a children's show and have perverted it to send all the worst messages.

Reviewed by Austin Sillett 2 / 10

This is not a good movie (SPOILERS)

This movie is boring, poorly written, and stupid. It's not stupid in a fun way, either.

I went into this movie with expectations that I would have for a Transformers movie; I hoped for explosions, fun action scenes, and cool CGI. Guess what this movie had? NONE OF THAT. Because it was so boring, I was forced to sit through boring scenes of people talking about boring back stories.

This movie suffered from the same problems that Superman v Batman and Suicide Squad suffered from: they tried so hard to fit so much stuff in, that the pacing is terrible and nothing feels like it goes together. The whole movie is very forgettable except one scene... (Spoilers, kinda)

The opening scene, when the Red Ranger (who's character name I can't remember and can't be bothered to go back and look) gets into a car chase with the police after pulling a prank at the high school. The cinematography and camera-work is fantastic and really got my hopes very high for the rest of the movie. It's reminiscent of the tank scene from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It's a little difficult to pay attention to everything that's going on, but at least it looks cool and keeps you engaged, UNLIKE THE REST OF THE MOVIE.

Overall, I would say that no matter what reviews people read, they're going to see it no matter what. Also, (spoilers again) when they finally morph into the animal robots (I never watched the show much, so maybe I just don't get it) they play the original theme song from the show for no reason other than to force nostalgia.

At least the original show, from what I did see, was campy and fun. This movie can't decide if it wants to be serious or funny (just like Suicide Squad). Come to think of it, this movie has a lot of similarities to Suicide Squad, except with Suicide Squad, it had more than THREE ACTION SCENES IN THE WHOLE MOVIE.

This is a bad movie. Go see it.

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