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Tom Holland as The Novice - Brother Diarmuid
Richard Armitage as Raymond De Merville
Jon Bernthal as The Mute
John Lynch as The Herbalist - Brother Ciaran
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lipjam 8 / 10

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul

As a student of theology I am always drawn to movies like this. However, I am often left disappointed, and somewhat frustrated. This one is no exception but overall it is definitely worth a watch. As a movie it is a good yarn with a story line that moves along quite nicely. As far as performances go they are very strong. Tom Holland is a great young actor who is more than up to his role. He walks the line of young naive man faced with difficult theological choices and as such earns the viewer's sympathy and admiration. I am a fan of Jon Bernthal ever since his appearance in The Walking Dead and will watch anything with him in it. He carries off the role of mute with a commanding and menacing presence. A task not easy to accomplish with very limited dialogue. Richard Armitage also does a fine job Although I cannot comment on the accuracy of his French accent :). Stanley Weber, John Lynch and the whole supporting cast are all very capable and believable. The director Brendan Muldowney does a fine job and I will watch with interest for his future work. I also really like the use of many languages which always adds an interesting ingredient to any movie.

If I were to sum this story up I would in the following: "A story of faith and ambition and how one can be usurped by the other."

As a story about a relic and what it inspires, it is a fine one. The power of faith is a fascinating aspect of humanity. We all need to believe in something whether it is the big bang theory or creationism. Faith, if strong enough, can motivate us to wondrous achievements or diabolical destruction. Powerful faith and the symbols of it also attract the ambitious. Ambition is also in us all and its draw is impossible to deny. When faith meets ambition a battle is imminent. This story is nuanced and faceted with elements such as loyalty, betrayal, friendship and revenge but which all flow from the primary motivators: faith and ambition. For the average viewer it may be too much so and as such the attention to detail may be lost. However, that does not take away from the performances which are very strong, the story which is engrossing and the cinematography which is magnificent. I love to see the beautiful Irish landscape portrayed on the big screen.

My only caveat was the ending. I found it unsatisfying. I will say no more than it lacked any positive conclusion. The banality of the human struggle. We live, we struggle and we die. HEY: They don't all die in the end. I am not saying that in case you think I just spoiled the ending. Well they don't but I found it just rang too much of the initial cynicism of Ecclesiastics: Vanity of vanities; all is vanity. However, even the writer of Ecclesiastes realised that there are things bigger than ourselves and there is purpose to it all that only God knows. So we trust in God and do the best we can. It could be argued that this message was in the movie but I did not find it apparent in the ending. There were certainly elements displayed, particularly when they follow the bell in the bog. However, it just seemed to unravel at the end. I am an optimist and I like happy endings, especially in the movies I watch. Failing that I settle for resolution. I got neither. I watch movies to be entertained, not to be depressed or frustrated. If I want that i just go out my front door. Thank you very much.

Having said all that I realise it is only a movie and as such it a right good one. Overall, a recommended watch.

Reviewed by Abdo Hamdy 8 / 10

Strong , Bold and Mind Provoking ,, Good Adventure through past

I've gone for this movie with no expectations based on its rating ,, but I was really surprised .. This movie is really Powerful that after its end it would make you think for a while about your convictions or the principles of your beliefs . * maybe not going wrong with them but just questioning *

It discusses things not about religion but particularly the way of Religious speech and people who may control the message of religions in general ( Not Christianity in particular ) and how politics also may affect how things work ..

The acting is very good especially that of Jon Bernthal ( The Mute ) .. The music is well played as well as the picture ,, Great Atmosphere of that period of time ( 13th century ) with bloody violent action scenes which were really well performed

This is my first movie of the director Brendan Muldowney and I think it won't be the last .. Great Job

Overall I liked nearly everything about the movie . If you're interested in that period of time and historical movies , Just go for it ..

Reviewed by thejoudblitz 9 / 10

Could be the beginning of a great saga

This film is great, believable action, characters and setting. Good soundtrack, charismatic actors, it's well paced and has decent camera work.

The story has a certain pen and paper role-playing feel to it, we have a party of adventurers going on a quest, and there aren't many movies made like that.

The novelty of it aside, it never gets boring due to its plot twists and realistic looking action.

There is an epic historic novel called "Raptor" which has a similar story, at least the first few pages of it. When "Pilgrimage" ends you can't help but wonder what happens to the young monk going out into the world after being cloistered away for his whole life.

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