Open Water 3: Cage Dive


Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 17%
IMDb Rating 4.1 10 1415


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wildsparrow16 5 / 10

Nothing to sink your teeth into....

This movie was not horrible, but could not hold a candle to the previous two. I must say,the actors were quite good. I really enjoyed the first to Open Water movies, so I figured this one would be good, too. First, it is done in documentary format (unlike the previous ones). This makes it choppy and adds some dull scenes that seem like filler. Secondly, the cinematography was so bad, it made me seasick. Third, they should have built up the capsize scene of the boat and the monstrous wave - it lasted about 2 seconds, and we never saw it coming. Last, and most importantly, it just lacked suspense. This could have been a good movie - the premise and the cast were good. Not the worst movie I have seen, but those who loved the first two will be disappointed in this. I do feel the kids had good chemistry and did a good acting job.

Reviewed by angelmist477 1 / 10

Why was this made?

The characters in this are so unlikable, they are all idiots who I actually wanted to die. You need to be able to root for your characters but whoever wrote this shitbox doesn't know that and I have no idea how it got made with the crap script it had. Everything was generic, guy loves girl, girl loves brother, oh no! It was 30mins of them being tools then 50 minutes of them in the water screaming at one another, there was no suspense no tension, as I said, I wanted them to die. Bad writing. How do these people have jobs?

Reviewed by nebk 4 / 10

Ultimately...It Sinks!

Open Water 3 starts off somewhat promisingly but ultimately fizzles out. It starts of when two brothers and a girlfriend of one of the brothers decide to go to Australia to film themselves Shark Cage Diving in order to enter the footage into a reality TV-show which could potentially earn them $100 000. During their dive however, a freak wave overturns the boat, and they together with the crew members and other tourists are left floating in shark infested waters. Soon almost everyone is separated and trying to survive while awaiting rescue.

The shaky camera found footage filming gets annoying pretty quickly. As does the relationship between the two brothers and the girl. One of the brothers is planning to propose to his girlfriend not knowing that his brother is also in love with her. The same girl gets more and more hysterical as the movie goes on and eventually ends up torching a life raft they were fortunate enough to find floating after almost a day in the water. At no point in time in the raft do they show any signs of exhaustion. This and the fact that these three at no time give any indication that they have dived before or have any clue about what to do also makes the movie less believable. By this point in the movie however the viewers probably couldn't care less because the ending is predictable and is in fact given away in the first few minutes of the film anyway when its stated that what is on the screen is footage from a camera found on the ocean floor. The acting could have been worse but is nothing special. Overall not really worth the time of watching.

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