Old Dracula


Comedy / Horror

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David Niven as Count Dracula
Freddie Jones as Gilmore
Kenneth Cranham as Paddy, the Delinquent
Carol Cleveland as Jane, the Delinquent's Victim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon 6 / 10

Not too bad.

David Niven has a role that is clearly beneath his stature (in his first scene, he is reading a Playboy magazine), and Clive Donner's direction is almost embarrassingly crude (the dreadful copy I saw made it look even worse than it is, but it's crude nonetheless). Still, the movie has some unexpectedly clever lines (Dracula's assistant to his master: "I cross my fingers, sir" - Dracula's response: "I'd rather you didn't"), and (don't crucify me for this) I really found it more enjoyable than Polanski's overrated "Fearless Vampire Killers" - mainly because it has no pretensions of greatness. (**)

Reviewed by kittenmalibu 7 / 10

Kitchy but kind of cool

I caught this on cable, and found it quite amusing. Not laugh out loud, but still rather good. Granted, it's no masterpiece, but I enjoyed it for what it was, a kitchy cool retro film from the 70's. I love watching bad 60's and 70's films for the music, the clothes, the decor...and this was the perfect film. How can you deny seeing London at the end of the swingin' 60's? And the Playboy element, the swinging party...I don't know. I took this film for what it was, and I would definitely watch it again....

Maybe the fact that I watched it as a morning double feature with Vincent Price's "Scream and Scream Again" helped me get into the mood for this...

Reviewed by The_Pendragon ([email protected]) 9 / 10

A humorous film putting a Brit Twist on the Dracula Legend.

Though it has been several years since I saw this film, I recall enough to wish I could find it on video..or better DVD.

I happen to like David Niven and found this film rather enjoyable. I would expect that one would need to be able to grasp some of the subtle humor that a good number of Britcoms are known for to really enjoy some of the more funny bits.

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