My Pet Dinosaur


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Johnsog123 1 / 10

This is a terrible move

Perhaps the worst film I've seen for a long time and if I could I would provide a negative score for wasting my time.

It's like a 7th grader wrote, directed, edited and produced this for a school assignment.

The acting and writing is atrocious and the story line jumps around and there is little flow to scenes. The 'US ARMY' guys just turn up and it's the same guys with an assortment of military gear. Then when they start shooting it is comical, because the the firing a sound track from possibly every other army movie and no recoil and/or muzzle flash, and really this is just the an example... there are many, many more.

If you want to watch a film/TV show with great acting from younger actors, watch 'Super 8' or 'Stranger Things'.

Reviewed by sguilly 2 / 10

film should have died with the dinos

Badly acted, kids performances made the adult actors seem even worse, couldn't be bothered waiting for the dinos to show up.

Not a lot to like about this film, was expecting something better.

Do yourselves a favour and watch, How To Train Your Dragon, the cartoon characters are more believable, likable and watchable.

Reviewed by todddaco 1 / 10

2 positive reviews...2 cast members heard from?

You have to suspect that the two glowing reviews here were possibly made by people that had something to do with the making of this steaming pile film.

There are plenty of other BETTER boy/dinosaur movies out there. Do yourself a favor and choose one of those.

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