Killing Ground


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 76%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 2904


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jimmy Coffin 1 / 10

Another Aussie Rape movie

Horror Movies that build up Irritation more then suspense aren't my cup of coffee. In the fictional realm of all types of horror/ thrillers etc 90% is just downright stupid. THey make no sense at all. And yet these type of horror films are rooted in realism? Here you have maybe the stupids couple ever. Let's go camping in Australian wilderness on new years eve. that's so romantic?? Thinks no sane person. The moment they arrive they see an abandoned tent and no sign of Life. The first thing a normal human does is checking it out in an instant. The day pass and the thought doesn't even cross their minds to go check it out. His car get flat tire in a sec just spinning around on an ordinary dirt road? they find a hurt Child and they don't fix the tire and get the F out of there with the baby, they don't call police or any help? the list is endless of wrongs. Sure it's very much watchable but there's no IQ present here.

Reviewed by Jody Anne 7 / 10

Not your average thriller

Well I have to say it's not your average thriller. the acting is pretty good but the story will leave you shouting at your tele....or maybe that was just me. You realize watching this, you automatically expect it to go a certain way from watching similar films but wow you're in for a surprise. Hence the shouting at the tele. Watch it and you'll see.

Reviewed by bloke_shwin 6 / 10

Decent thriller but nothing new if u have seen Eden lake, Storm warning n Preservation.

Saw this recently on a pirated DVD. It is about a couple who retreat to the woods on a romantic camping trip. Things don't go well....... Nowhere close to Eden lake, Preservation or Storm warning. These names should be suffice to explain in short what this movie is about. In Eden lake, the tension, violence n the ending was shocking. While in Storm warning, the gore n the killings were brutal. Preservation was decent but Killing ground failed to impress. Well, it wasn't boring or messed up but at times i found it hard to sit through certain scenes. Two things i cannot bear even on screen is rape n any harm towards kids. Thankfully the director avoided abusive scenes but even some off screen scenes were a bit too hard for me. The character development of the bad guys were done well. They are given nearly as much screen time as the main leads. The bearded villain looked like Mel Gibson from Blood father. The movies non linear approach to story telling might appeal to some viewers but there isn't any originality in it.

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