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Halle Berry as Karla Dyson
Jason George as David
Lew Temple as Terry
Dana Gourrier as Female Sheriff's Deputy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by skylerderidder-40526 1 / 10

One of the worst movies I've seen

I've never yelled at a movie more than this. I literally made an account to tell anyone how bad this film is. No one acts like this if their kid is taken, she doesn't hit the car, she doesn't hit the people that took her kid. She had multiple chances to do so. Whoever wrote this script and directed this movie should never be able to work on a set ever again.

Reviewed by matty-j-1 1 / 10

This is the worst movie I've seen in 10 years

Not really even sure where to start. We'll go through the low points blow by blow.

Storyline - there isn't one. The entire plot makes no sense, and is so ridiculous as to have you laughing out loud for most of the movie. Yeah kid gets kidnapped and mother will stop at nothing to get him back. Seen that before. But what you've not seen is the utter drivel they come up with in this movie. Utter garbage dressed up as some kind of action. It's the worst story I've seen in as long as I can remember. I haven't even got to the end yet, and I'm writing this.

Acting - woeful beyond belief. Halle Berry would have to have been utterly desperate to get involved with this garbage. Minutes of talking to herself about how she won't let her kid go, all while in the middle of a car chase. Obviously the part is written and there's not much she can do about the story line, but unless she needs the money, she'd just walk away. No idea why she's even involved.

Action - appalling. 'High-speed' stunts filmed at about 5km/h, then sped up to seem faster. Non-sensical action scenes that add nothing other than further ridicule to this movie.

Cinematography - I can't say I've ever seen anything as laughably appalling as this. During the 'high-speed' chases, we get minutes worth of tyre-going-around footage, interspersed with minutes of yellow lines on the road. We get it - they're driving.

Overall this movie is atrocious and simply not worth your time. Unless you want to spend a couple hours yelling at the TV to get her to actually do something towards getting her son back. Abysmal, appalling, ghastly garbage.

Reviewed by John Zander 1 / 10

Unfortunately Really Bad

Warning Spoilers!

This main character is so damn stupid. Beyond any reasonable logic. When she had a chance to kill the man who took her son, she didn't.

When it's time for some cool stunt driving scenes, the highway is full of cars. Other times when she is just following the kidnappers car, there isn't a single car on the entire highway or 10 minutes!

It's just to aggravating to watch a lead character who makes such stupid decisions just to further the film. The stupidity continues throughout the film.

I wish someone would have kidnapped me before I started to watch this film. Avoid it.

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