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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paulo Reis 4 / 10

Shot and missed!

I wanted to watch this documentary after I read that Steve Vai was in the credited cast because I'm a huge fan of his unique style and of his work throughout the years. In my opinion, he is the ultimate hired gun ever, being "used" by "gunslingers" like Frank Zappa (who used to call him "Stunt Guitarist" and "Little Italian Virtuoso"), Graham Bonnet, David Lee Roth and David Coverdale. And guess what? He barely talks in this documentary. I think that in total he has less than thirty seconds on screen saying a few thoughts of his about the business. It' so disappointing watching all the other guitarists in this video talking about their adventures and misadventures in their lives while waiting for something that never takes place: Steve Vai sharing some memories of his amazing career. Not to mention that hired guns like Joe Satriani and Steve Morse in Deep Purple or Yngwie Malmsteen in Alcatrazz are not even mentioned. The documentary is okay, but gets boring after a while. They aimed too low and missed a lots of great shots.

Reviewed by Francisco Ignacio Valdovinos 9 / 10

Simply a must if you love music

Everything in this movie appears to be something unknown to the regular music lover like me. The hired guns were something I didn't even considered in the music industry.

Really good featured musicians, fun stories. Really great job. You must see it, trust me!

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 8 / 10

Some Great & Inspiring Individual Stories

This documentary focuses on what's called "hired guns", especially in the rock and heavy metal genre. Basically a "hired gun" is a super talented musician who can, at a moment's notice, play as a studio musician or actually join a band and tour with them. However, in the often cold and brutal musical world, they will have no tenure, receive low pay, and often get no credit for their contributions.

As one sees in the film, some of the "hired guns" will emerge and prosper from their stints while others will not and even eventually experience tragic consequences. The film, directed by Fran Strine, jumps from one interviewee to another, and initially seemed disjointed, since I really wasn't familiar with most of the musicians and record execs. However, the power of the individual stories overrode all else, in my opinion, and I certainly not only was inspired by these tales but also learned a lot about a genre I knew little about.

As I've read in some reviews this documentary can certainly fall into the category of such other movies as "20 Feet From Stardom", "The Wrecking Crew", and "Standing in the Shadows of Motown", except this doc centers on rock and heavy metal bands and players.

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