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Anne Hathaway as Gloria
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Jason Sudeikis as Oscar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alexander Juvarn 3 / 10

Started off good but got bad really fast...

-CONTAINS Spoilers-

The story starts off with a girl who uses her boyfriend for money, a home and everything else she can scab off of him. She is probably cheating on him but that isn't directly explained in the movie so its only speculation but she seems like the type. She is basically scum of the scum. A person who uses others to get what she wants.

Her boyfriend seems to be a pretty good guy, he works to make a living while she sponges off of his success while making excuses about finding work and doing nothing with her life. Finally he is sick of it and dumps her. But later on in the story his personality complete changes which makes no sense and makes him look desperate and needy.

She moves back home where she apparently owns a giant house and has money lying around to buy her a new bed and also untold amount of alcohol despite having no job in the last year.

She meets an old school buddy, he comes off as a nice guy at first and helps her out. He tells her about his mother and she doesn't remember that she died despite attending her funeral. He gives her a job because he obviously wants to sleep with her.

They are both chronic alcoholics and she often blanks out.

She f**ks some random guy that plays no actual relevance to the story later on and just disappears.

There is a half crazy guy that is high on cocaine the entire movie and they play him off to be some sort of wise man at first.

She kills hundreds of people and complains about the 'bad guy that she later on kills' for having a bit of fun despite not hurting anyone. Then she physically assaults him multiple times until he finally snaps.

She later on tackles him to the ground, killing hundreds more.

He suddenly turns from nice guy into a mass murdering psychopath who blows up his own restaurant that he spent his entire fortune and life renovating over some girl he has only know for a week after not seeing her for 20 some odd years.

The story line, characters and dialogue were terrible but the actors were superb and so was the CGI for a low budget film such as this so I can't give it all bad reviews.

I can deal with a few logic plot holes here and there, but the characters personalities completely ruined the movie for me and made it unenjoyable.

Some people will absolutely love this movie, but not me... I prefer my movies with a little bit more consistency and substance.

Reviewed by hugovontrapp 1 / 10

Colossal waste of movie goers time.

Outside of the misleading poster and synopsis of this movie, it is nothing but miserable, poorly scripted, acted and produced. It's a story of a couple of alcoholics, period. Anna Hathaway is far from a decent actor, and this film fits her caliber of acting, shoddy at best. If you're looking for a depressing and emotionless movie, and you're into a crappy plot with meaningless side story of monsters destroying South Korea while the main actors ponder their pathetic lives through insults, sarcasm, violence then this is for you. Truly colossal heap of....

Reviewed by a00030864 5 / 10

Annoying characters, dumb ending

Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis, whom I think are wonderful comedic actors, just made me near sick watching this movie. Anne's character was a woman of few morals and a user whilst Jason's character went from being nice and rehabilitating Anne's character to a controlling person bent on having his way. All the while, they are personified by robots in a US playground that manifests as monsters destroying Seoul. And all this because as school children Jason's character stomped on Anne's character's school project. Nothing original about a stupid plot that makes some wonderful actors annoying beyond words.

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