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Naomi Watts as Linda
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Elisabeth Moss as Phyliss
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Allaer 8 / 10

The story behind the real life "Rocky Balboa"

"Chuck" (2016 release; 101 min.) brings the story of New Jersey heavyweight boxer Chuck Wepner. As the movie opens, we are reminded this is "based on a true story". Wepner is making a name for himself as a heavyweight boxer in the mid-70s. After a quick detour to his youth, we see Wepner and his wife Phyllis watch Ali beat Foreman in the "Rumble in the Jungle". Then the news comes that Ali next wants to fight Wepner, much to his surprise. Why? Because Ali wants to take on a "white guy" and Wepner is the only white guy in the heavyweight top 10 ranking. After Ali fights Wepner in March, 1975, Wepner is a star. Then Wepner gets a phone call that some guy in Hollywood is making a movie inspired by Wepner's story... What happens next? To tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this isn't the first movie about Wepner's life story, in fact ESPN made a documentary about it for its 30 For 30 series. But this is not a documentary. While the movie is directed by Canadian director Philippe Falardeau, best known for his movie "Monsieur Lahzar" some 4-5 years ago, "Chuck" is a true labor of love for Liev Schreiber, who has been pushing this for years. Schreiber brings one of his very best performances of his career (and that is saying something). On top of that he co-produced and co-wrote the movie. If you are expecting a sports movie, you will be sorely disappointed, as this far more a character study (and a flawed character at that). The 1970s are brought to life with a perfectly matching soundtrack and production set (were the city centers really as run down as they are shown here?). The movie sports an all-star cast: besides Schreiber, we see Naomi Watts (unrecognizable as Wepner's love interest Linda--it wasn't until the end credits rolled I realized it was her), Ron Perlman (as Wepner's boxing manager) and Elisabeth Moss as Wepner's wife Phyllis), just to name those. It may be difficult to separate the unlikely Wepner life story from the movie's artistic value, but all I can say is that the movie flew by in no time for me, and that's always a good sign. "Sometimes life is like a movie, and sometimes it's even better", comments Wepner towards the end. Why? just watch...

"Chuck" premiered to good acclaim at last year's Venice Film Festival, It recently finally opened at my local art-house theater here in Cincinnati. The Saturday matinée screening where I saw this at was attended poorly (only 2 people beside myself). Probably the picture-perfect weather had something to so with it. Regardless, hopefully this movie will find a bigger audience on Amazon Instant Video and eventually on DVD/Blu-ray. "Chuck" is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Reviewed by Movie Paradise 7 / 10

Fascinating Background on "Rocky", Led by Great Performances

The first thing Chuck did right was it allowed me to be immersed into this world. The film takes place in the 60's and 70's, and I felt like I was right there! Everything from the costumes to the production design to being made on film, it all worked to create a very vintage look. I felt like I was right with these characters, and I think all the time and care that went into crafting the look of the film needs to be recognized. To take it a step further, the performances are what ultimately sold me. Sure, everything looked gorgeous and vintage, but I was not watching actors; I was watching characters. And that was key in selling me on this world they were displaying. Schrieber is fantastic in this movie! This may be the strongest performance I've seen him give. He, and everyone else too, was almost unrecognizable. This character could easily have been played as one-note, but Schrieber brought so many different layers to him. You understand that he's a really despicable guy, but Schrieber lets you see that he's really a broken man who has lost his way. You're not exactly sure whether Chuck is the protagonist or the antagonist, but it's the subtlety of Schrieber's acting that really lets you buy into this complex character.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 7 / 10

So this is the true story of Rocky?

Chuck is a boxer from jersey who could take a hit. He had a job running liquor and had a beautiful wife and kid, when his manager sets up a match with The Greatest, Ali. He lost the match, but was able to put Ali on his bottom twice and go all 15 rounds losing with 19 seconds left in the match, and when he lost the first person he wanted to see was his wife. That sounds like Rocky alright.

Unfortunately, Chuck's sequel was not as good as Rocky 2 cause when he went back to some world in Jersey he let it all get to his head and his world came crashing down, which included his attempts to convince the world that the movie Rocky is about him.

It's one of those stories about how fame can change you. I've seen it done a million times in a million sitcoms that one episode when one character gets his 15 mins acts like a jerk to all those who love him but then they take him back when he falls because they love him.

But it's not just about the story. Liev Schreiber was very entertaining in this film as Chuck Wepner and Jim Gaffigan was perfect as his best friend, John. I don't know how many movies Schreiber has done with his partner, Naomi Watts. It's bit awkward now that they are not a couple, but she's great in the movie as well.

But I did not like Schreiber's co-star on Ray Donovan, Pooch Hall as Muhammad Ali. It was a small role, but still, it's Ali, I wish they did better.

Definitely a cool funny story and a movie worth seeing that I'm surprise Stallone himself did not have any involvement in. It's technically a Rocky film and nobody likes to milk Rocky more than him, right?

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