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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by irene_j-892-280304 1 / 10

Avoid for your own sake!!!

6.4 IMDb? Really..!?? I am a true horror genre fan, but this was absolutely unwatchable, terrible acting, I tried to watch it for 10 minutes, then I realised it was getting even worse, so I started to fast-forward it just to see if there is something interesting about it. Believe me, there's not! Keep away and don't waste your time...

Reviewed by shawnblackman 2 / 10

Films Can't Get Much Worse

A haunted house attraction isn't generating revenue so they try a new angle with people playing Charlie Charlie instead. This game is a Mexican Ouija board sort of with two pencils balanced on each other forming a cross. You then ask Charlie yes or no questions. Five young adults play the game unleashing the Mexican demon.

This film is by the far the worst I've seen. The whole setup is just crap. I don't know who would pay twenty bucks to stack two pencils and watch them spin but that's just me. Charlie is always an unseen force (a blue laser light sometimes) that goes around killing everyone. The score is ripped from Full Moon's films and the acting is crap. This thing makes no sense and the ending didn't help.

Reviewed by dcarsonhagy 1 / 10

Amateur Night at the Bijou (Part 2)

Lord love a duck, this one was pretty atrocious too. Whenever a movie (and I caught this on On-Demand) is advertised one way, and as soon as the movie starts it has a different title, that should be a HUGE red flag for anyone. Such is the case for "Ouija 3 - Charlie Charlie".

Hanging its false advertisement title on the "Ouija" series, this one is about some frat girls who decide to play the game "Charlie, Charlie" (scared yet?), and (of course) all but one winds up dying. Fast forward to a haunted house (which has opened in September) and you find the owner trying to decide on a way to make money since his haunted house is failing miserably. He decides to rent out his "haunted house" so individuals can play? look for? resurrect? or just mess with old Charlie. If you want to know anything else, you can waste your money (like I did) on this classic turd.

There are no redeeming qualities to be found. The acting, the direction, the effects, the script: they ALL suck. NR and just plain awful.

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