Boys in the Trees


Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by WhenAmyMetSalad 9 / 10

A darker tale of a similar story.

I was not expecting much from this movie to be fairly honest. I went in without watching any trailers or even reading the synopsis. I just saw a few screenshots of the movie and dove in head first. I was then unexpectedly impressed and entertained as I was taken on this journey of a test of a childhood friendship. I highly recommend it if you are into drama movies, but be aware there are some horror elements in play throughout the movie which takes this drama to another level.

*WARNING SPOILERS* If you do not want to be spoiled on the movie especially the ending stop reading after the break.


The movie feels like a darker take of Bridge to Terabithia set around Halloween night. We have two friends who when children played an adventure game of fantasy and horror. Where they would try and scare each other with tales after crossing a bridge on their trek home only they grow up and separate. they happen to find each other on Halloween night to play one last time.

I very much liked this terabithia-esque game where they tell tales to scare each other. And although the ending was somewhat obvious it was very entertaining getting to it. They told the story well enough for me to forget my prediction and enjoy the story as it was, but when the ending came I was still left the way the writer intended me to feel.

Reviewed by ravenhair702 10 / 10

A touching movie.

My wife and I thought this was going to be a horror movie kind of like Lost turned out to be so much more. At first, the movie kind of made no sense, but it intrigued us so much we had to keep watching. Movies are rarely made with this much emotion and feeling. I know that everyone who watched this film could relate to either being bullied or forgetting a friend they grew up with just because they weren't liked by the other kids who liked you. Fitting in is important in school and surviving school is hard. We've all been there. I hope more kids watch this movie...and makes them think how stupid their choices are. You don't get a do over in life. The choices you make are the ones you look have to live with. Some good...and some you regret. I loved this movie. Watch it. Please.

Reviewed by david-rector-85092 7 / 10

Inventive and Evocative. Rite of Passage Gothic Style

I enjoyed most of the running time of 'Boys in the trees' but most probably this movie wasn't aimed at me or my generation. Set in the late 90's the narrative is concerned with one young man on the precipices of change and facing his young adulthood. Holding some traumatic experiences and feelings from when he was a child, 'Corey' played convincingly by Toby Wallace is part of a gang of skating dudes with lots of attitude but he doesn't fully commit to their behaviours or sensibilities. He shares a secret with another boy played quixotically by Gulliver McGrath who is carving out quite the career both in Australia and around the world. Most of the film's luxuriant running time is a 'journey home' series of set pieces where the two lads are faced with real and imagined demons: both from within and out.

There is a stylish and inventive use of the medium here, but I did find some of the stream of consciousness elements a little obscure and self referential. The performances are mostly fine, and for folks now thirty somethings and younger will most probably get something out of the ideas and excellent production design from the earlier era. It has alternately a dreamy/nightmarish quality to the execution and for Halloween freaks and lovers of different cinema, this is for you. But sadly not for me. Still a solid 7 out of 10 for distinctive approach and new voice in local cinema. Writer director Nicholas Verso will undoubtedly make his mark with 'Boys in the trees'

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