Boyka: Undisputed


Action / Crime / Drama / Sport / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
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Scott Adkins as Boyka
Alon Aboutboul as Zourab
Bashar Rahal as Scout #2
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dark_Lord_Mark 9 / 10

Bring Me Your F#ing Champion: Undisputed Delivers A Grand Slam!

First I am a real reviewer and a big fan of 80's action movies.

Now the plot is easy to follow. Boyka is back, commits an atrocity and needs to fix what he has done to redeem himself. That is all you need to know. The movie does have some heart during his redemption. A lot of flash, but also moments where you feel for Boyka and his journey.

I do not know the director's work prior to watching this, but he did a great job of filming action scenes. A lot of movies break the action up by changing the camera angles. This movie tones that down and lets you watch the action taking place.

I miss the days of real action movies. I will sound repetitive but this movie has lots of action, fights, fast moving plot and great choreography.

B-Movie or not, the movie is a 9.5. I am a fan of the Undisputed series. Scott Adkins is excellent and the bad guys are bad, and the good guys(Adkins) aren't perfect. The movie has heart and has a great pace. It's not slow, and is very entertaining throughout. One of the best modern fighting movies and dare I say the best fighting franchise if that is a genre. A must watch is my opinion.

Yuri Boyka Says Bring Me Your F#ing Champion.

Reviewed by bloke_shwin 10 / 10

Fans of the series n martial arts will not be disappointed. 10/10. Haters go watch Oscar nominated movies.

After the events of Undisputed redemption n after fleeing from Russia, Boyka has found religion. He still fights in the rings n he donates most of the profits to the church. He has spent a lot of money to repair his broken knee but events force him to travel back to Russia where he is a wanted convict. This movie is for the fans of the series n fans of Boyka aka Adkins. Martial arts fans will not be disappointed. The fight sequences are frequent and never, ever become tiresome. Scott Adkins once again got into the skin of the character, Boyka. The villain, Martyn ford is an intimidating one with height of 6.8 n weight of 320 lbs. Truly an indomitable n an invincible one. The plot was a bit lame. The mafia boss who owns the town n he has his eye on a young n beautiful widow who is in debt. But who cares. We look forward for this franchise for the ring fights n boy what an awesome fight choreography we get to see in this 4th installment. Isaac Florentine who directed the terrific Undisputed 2 n 3 n Savate didn't direct this one. Inspite of the micro budget, this movie rocks. Saw this on a pirated DVD for 50 rs.

Reviewed by xzing 9 / 10

Fight movie with a heart.

Boyka Undisputed was worth the wait. Unlike many fight movies this movie have a heart. This is one of the best fight movie of the decade and the best of the year, which had movies like Kickboxer: Vengeance which was an utter disappointment.

Moreover the character of Boyka has been molded so wonderfully that you can feel the pain of the character when he tries to smile and feel his rage in silence.

Scott Adkins has done an a wonderful job and Boyka is a piece of art. The best part is this isn't just a Fight movie... Every now and then there, when you are unprepared and unguarded this movie hits you in such soft parts that you might tear up too.

Nobody ever thought that Undisputed would later create an antagonist named 'Boyka' who would be loved so much that his name would come before the name of the actual movie i.e UNDISPUTED.

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