Batman and Harley Quinn


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 4634


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Melissa Rauch as Harley Quinn / Harleen Quinzel
Paget Brewster as Poison Ivy / Pamela Isley
John DiMaggio as Swamp Thing / Sarge Steel / Additional Voices
Mindy Sterling as Project Supervisor / Additional Voices
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rayners-estevez 2 / 10

A punch in the face for the Batman the Animated Series fans.

OK, the title has "Harley Quinn" on the there is some goofing around to be expected on this animated movie...with that being said...

The Plot: Poison Ivy along with the Floronic Man get together to turn the whole world into "Veggie-people", so Batman needs Harley Quinn for information on how to track Poison Ivy before she can complete her plan. In the process to find her, Nightwing gets captured by Harley Quinn and in a scene taken out of any mature movie, (and despite the previous critics on the sexual scene between Batman and Batgirl on "Batman: The Killing Joke") Harley Quinn goes all 50 shades of Grey on Nightwing, and Nightwing responds as Vin Diesel on XXX. From there the story keeps going down in a landslide, Batman smiles, there are fart jokes, biggest weapon against Poison Ivy is Harley's sad face, Swamp thing makes the dumbest appearance ever.

When Batman the Animated Series started back in 1992 it was praised because it gave the much needed darker tone that the Batman series needed and that was brought by Tim Burton in his Batman film in 1989 and that Bruce Timm was able to bring into the animated series. But now it seems like Bruce Timm simply forgot the show, he just missed every single thing that made the series great.

Instead of giving us a nostalgia with the 90's Series, we get a "Return of the Caped Crusaders" (Which was a great film because it caught the essence of the original show that it was based on, unlike this one) disguised as Batman the 90's Animated Series, all the way down to the onomatopoeias. Batman has Vitamin B on his utility belt...Yes, Vitamin B, and Batman even uses the phrase: "God Help Us"...I don't think that Batman has ever mention God in the almighty kinda way.

The Animation: Where to start? LAZY animation, no respect for perspective, dimensions, colors, cutscenes, is like each animator was doing his own thing...and then they just force paste it together. There are dozens of animation errors in the first 10 minutes of the movie.

The Voice Cast: For the few people that doesn't know it, Harley Quinn was created exclusively for Batman the Animated Series, she didn't exist in Batman Comics. Harley Quinn Character was created around Arleen, for some God knows reason, they go ahead and cast Melissa Rauch, GREAT for her character in The Big Bang Theory...but i couldn't attach her voice with the Harley Quinn character, MAIN character of this movie...and you didn't get the one thing that made the character great..."good Job" Warner Bros.

Kevin Conroy does as always a great voice acting...but the inconsistency of the Batman Character on this film's script..doesn't helps.

If You're a fan of the DC animated must have noticed the terrible job they have been doing since Batman: The Killing Joke, I have no idea what is their just getting worse and in the line is the upcoming movie of "Gotham by Gaslight", after what i've seen i won't keep my hopes up.

If You, like me, have a special place in your heart, like me, for Batman the Animated Series from the 90's Do yourself a favor and don't watch whatever this movie is supposed to be.

Warner Bros. Get your things together or stop doing DC animated movies..and if you're going to continue this way..."God Help Us".

Reviewed by McKnightyxx 4 / 10

A disgrace

This movie is an utter disgrace to the Batman animated series we loved in the 90s. I would never think a Batman animated movie would resort to fart jokes. The new voice actor for Harley is awkward. The animation is sometimes choppy as if this was animated in 2001. The ending is a joke, and it symbolizes the mediocrity of the movie

Reviewed by timbrown257 1 / 10

Just plain bad

Without a doubt this is the worst DC animated movie made. It frankly is so bad I am confident that it is also the worst DC animated movie that will EVER be made.

This movie cannot decide if it wants to be a continuation of the Batman Animated Series or a goofball comedy. It absolutely fails at both. First the whole premise of the movie is bad. The characters don't ring true, despite having Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester returning in their roles as Batman and Nightwing. The jokes are not funny and frankly badly executed.

Without a spoiler the ending actually comes across as a "F*ck you" to the audience who sat through this train wreck of a movie.

I have watched ALL the DC Animated movies that have been released. Some I loved, some I liked, and some I didn't enjoy or thought were very good. But with this movie, I actually feel that I am owed an apology for wasting my time and money.

This could not have been worse.

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