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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

interesting couple

Anna (Zoe Lister-Jones) and Ben (Adam Pally) are a couple fighting about everything. They are struggling. She suggests turning their fights into songs. They start a garage band with their sex-addict neighbor Dave (Fred Armisen).

Anna and Ben have some fun back and forth with Hitler jokes. I don't particularly like anybody else nor do I truly hate any of them. It's a lot of quirky hipster Hollywood and not necessarily that funny. It's especially true for Fred Armisen. He's trying too hard for my taste. I also don't like the songs. I struggle with that whole side of the movie.

I like Zoe and Adam. The movie hints quite forcefully early on about a great lost. It's revealed later on but an earlier reveal would have been better. It's not that shocking and it hung over the movie for the first half. Once revealed, the relationship has some terrific emotional scenes. There is something in this pairing but the surrounding elements don't always work.

Reviewed by vishnu-dileep08 1 / 10

"A bad movie, not my piece of cake because it all does not make any sense"

Summary (no spoilers)

This movie is about a couple who can't stop fighting jump on a last effort to save their marriage by turning their fights into songs and starting a band.

My Review (no spoilers)

The plot to me does not make any sense for example turning your fights into songs which contains lyrics filled with the F word who does that you're supposed to meet a counselor to save your marriage and am not a fan of sarcastic jokes too. Zoe and Adam did their parts well but this was not the movie to show their talents in. overall a bad movie with a bad plot I personally did not like it.

My Recommendation

No, I did not like this movie so I would not recommend this.

My Rating


Reviewed by Movie_Muse_Reviews 8 / 10

Move over single young adults; "Band Aid" offers relevant, authentic modern comedy for couples

Independent comedies are full of single young adults trying to navigate life or falling in and out of love, but there aren't any depictions of modern marital discord. In comes Zoe Lister-Jones with her directorial debut, "Band Aid," starring her and Adam Pally as a constantly bickering couple who try starting a band as their own form of couples therapy.

"Band Aid" is a concept-driven comedy to be sure, but it doesn't dictate the confines of the story Lister-Jones wants to tell. The heart of the film is this couple, Anna and Ben, navigating an early low of their marriage in the face of external pressures from their parents and friends with babies and pressure from with (and from each other) with regards to their struggling careers.

Just like some of the best films and TV shows today about single young adults strike a resonant and familiar chord with the struggles of single young adults, "Band Aid" has its best moments when it hits the nail on the head of marital fighting and the other inglorious sides of committed relationships, and not just in the gendered way reminiscent of older sitcoms.

What's really nice about Lister-Jones' script is she doesn't stoop to bringing in outside romantic interests/infidelity to create intrigue or send the film down the overly beaten paths of romantic comedies and dramas in which there's a misunderstanding that's unforgivable in one character's eyes and then there's some big showy moment of reconciliation. The conflict instead comes from Anna and Ben taking things out on each other, dealing low verbal blows and making poor (but feasible) choices, then working on themselves and on their relationship to repair the damage.

To avoid going on and on about the drama, the film also has plenty of laughs – aside from the humor of listening to two characters have arguments that sound familiar. The cast is full of gifted/experienced comic actors; Lister-Jones is clearly good at making friends. From Fred Armisen as the creepy, sex-addicted neighbor who plays drums to Susie Essman and Lister-Jones' former collaborators including Brooklyn Decker, Hannah Simone ("New Girl") and even a cameo by Colin Hanks, there are tons of familiar faces who absolutely understand the tone this film is going for.

There's a lot of sharp, awkward humor and an unabashed attitude toward taboos that create an environment of honesty around the film, allowing the more serious moments feel real. Small details like the couple's enjoyment of recreational drugs, for example, communicate to the audience that these characters aren't pristine, while also normalizing those behaviors and making the point that people do drugs and that's really not what's wrong with them or their relationship.

There are a lot of creators getting credited with being a voice of their generation (e.g. Aziz Ansari, Lena Dunham) and Lister-Jones creates something on par with these contemporary voices. "Band Aid" isn't getting the attention of "Master of None" or "The Big Sick" and similar shows and films that feel relevant right now, especially to 20- and 30-somethings, but fans of that style of content should add it to their watch lists.

~Steven C

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