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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tina Willis 7 / 10

Low Ratings not due to quality of film but rather viewing preferences

No spoilers here. I added another point to my rating because I whole heartily disagree with the low reviews. Although those looking for high tech fancy sci-fi special affects, and action packed fight scenes, (this story is not about that),they will be disappointed. What it DOES have, is some very believable acting. And although a modest setting as most of the movie is shown in a debilitated run down power facility in the future, it is believable. Most of the movie has a lot of dialogue between two characters. That in itself may turn some viewers off. But the story/pace gives little bits at a time, to build suspense, yet gives enough that the characters aren't flat/one dimensional... It is a slow burn thriller, and for a lower budget film, I thought this was excellently done. The lower ratings are not fair. I believe it IS NOT due to the QUALITY of this movie, but rather, the viewing preferences, of the viewer.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 7 / 10

Super cheap Sci-Fi at it's best.

Or I could be wrong, cause I don't know how much it actually cost to turn a cyclist clothing and gear into a futuristic Hazmat suit. But I'm starting off giving the movie a bad rap. It's not the best story I have come across. The lead character, Abby has an important position as some head engineer whose more theory than practice, assigned to fix one of the big nuclear reactors that is supplying power to the whole world, but after meeting the two men who operate the station she finds the problem bigger than expected. What I really liked about the movie is the art direction. The cycle riding turned Hazmat suit was actually pretty cool, and it does not hurt that the lead actress was wearing it well. I really like the set that the film takes place on. I don't know if they made it or found a place but it looked like the greatest Sci-fi ever, and was a main character on it's own that made the movie worth looking at. It's one of those small movies with only three people that included Dominic Monaghan and Tom Sizemore who I must admit were not really worth mentioning in a story that's OK and done OK, that moves fast enough not to bore you and has a great set that almost makes up for a lot of it's short comings.

Reviewed by Mikelikesnotlikes 5 / 10

Acceptable bangs for bucks.

This film was obviously made to a tight budget, BUT the money was used pretty wisely. I give points purely for that factor as a canny director and producer will know where to pour on the dollars, and where to save a few cents.

The plot was a bit vague and it frustrates me that story lines aren't thought through properly. I thought the tension was good throughout and had me guessing wrong a few times. Was a bit slow in places.

The writer should have toned down the importance of the plant to make the actions of the characters more believable (a facility that feeds the entire worlds power grid is manned by 2 people?). I would have found it to be more believable that 2 men might run a nuclear waste disposal facility. No one would want to be anywhere near that. And the antiquated equipment would have looked more at home in my scenario.

All up I enjoyed the film, and I recommend it as a dull, rainy day time waster.

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