A Haunting at the Rectory



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nomieliz 2 / 10

Movie is nothing like story on cover

Well, it started off badly...............then got worse! The acting is worse than any amateur dramatic production I've ever seen and that's just for starters.

Borley Rectory is/was one of the most haunted places in the UK, the stories surrounding it are extremely interesting. This film didn't touch on anything remotely interesting at all.

It seems like this film was made in a hurry and on a budget, it also seems as though the person who made it didn't research Borley Rectory at all. Hopefully there's another film about this place that's much better.

Reviewed by jandriod2012 1 / 10


This film is a shocker, and not in the way it intended. It takes a while for anything paranormal to happen, and even when it does, it is neither scary nor original. The 'ghostly' apparitions look more like people who have mistakenly turned up to the wrong house for a fancy dress party, and the 'special effects' (or 'effect'- I only saw one) are amateurish. On occasion good performances can lift a poor film, but unfortunately, in this case, the acting is terrible. This is not helped by a very poor script which isn't even authentic to the time period. Usually I try to persevere with films, but I had to give up on this after an hour, as I could not bear it any longer. Please don't waste you time and money on this

Reviewed by Mark Wightman 2 / 10

Incredibly bad!

Watched this and was extremely disappointed. It's not actually a horror film, a more accurate description would be a drama without any drama. Nothing actually happens, characters just mope around rooms and moan about their lives. The acting is abysmal and could not even be classed as amateur dramatics standard.The actor that plays Frank Peerless is ironically named as I've never seen someone act so badly. I've no idea where he got the idea to talk in a mock cockney/toff accent- but its laughable. The vicar is about as wooden as they come and the whole thing is unbelievable and would be laughable if it wasn't so tedious.

If this is the standard of British filmaking there is no hope.

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