A Family Man



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Alison Brie as Lynn Vogel
Gerard Butler as Dane Jensen
Willem Dafoe as Ed Blackridge
Gretchen Mol as Elise Jensen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by screechy_jim 6 / 10

Does what it says on the tin.

If your looking for a feel good drama with plenty of emotion, a good cast, a mid-American suburban family with all the same failings as yours, and a box checked certification of satisfaction, this is for you.

It's a good film, no question. It achieves everything it sets out to accomplish and then some. However, it breaks no moulds sets no precedents or even varies slightly from the 'paint by numbers' programme productions that you can see every day on the entertainment channel with features like 'The Waltons, Little House on the prairie and their equivalent film counterparts.

The cast is great, Butler is fantastic in the role he's given... which it has to be said, he could probably have done with his eyes closed, Gretchen Mol is superb, and Willem Dafoe - with all the dimensions of a piece of string his character is given - is equally convincing, but the story is very generic.

The head-hunter role Butler plays is more comparable to merchant bank stock trader, and leveraged to near breaking point to make it fit with the story line. Better they just made him a stock trader and be done with it in my opinion. As an employment agency exec, it doesn't really work, but this is done more to tie the story up neatly than anything else... as you will find if you watch the film.

The title is a misappropriated somewhat as for the most part he is everything but, A Family Man. This is of course until things take the familiar turn in circumstance, and the meaningful change in character that parallels, only seen in Hollywood flicks, that wrenches him from the 'dark side' takes place.

Butler, our protagonist, is very one dimensional, which is fairly typical for this type of film so I won't make too many bones about it. Mol plays a similarly typical stay-at-home suburban mom and in act every character in the film is very atypical. Don't worry ,if you lean back and relax a little, you'll soon find yourself swept along with the even paced excitement, tension built inserts and anger filled moments that emerge at all the right moments.

I'm probably being a bit harsh here but the truth is this film is really more like the type of drama made for TV (which actually it might be, I don't know) than one released for the cinema. I did enjoy it, but it wasn't particularly engaging, memorable, thought provoking, or posses any of those accolades that could be associated with a great flick. It may even be I've forgotten most of it by dinner time tomorrow.

Final thoughts... I think I've said it all. Its definitely worth watching, if not remembering.

Reviewed by phd_travel 5 / 10

Uneven story and unsympathetic characters

There is a message - it's karma. What goes around comes around. As a headhunter he did bad things to get the numbers at work for example using middle aged Alfred Molina instead of getting him a job. He didn't spend enough time with his family. Then his kid gets sick with leukemia and he eventually does the right thing and voila his kid gets better and he lands on his feet. It's a preachy message and too simplistic.

Some faults in this movie: Gretchen Mol plays his rather ungrateful wife. Bitching about his hours when he is trying to provide for his family. So even when her kid gets sick she doesn't seem sympathetic. In fact it's one of the least moving sick kid dramas on film.

The world of head hunting is something you don't see on screen that much and kind of doubt it's that cutthroat.

Gerard Butler has a bad accent - he shouldn't play an American in movies. Alison Brie is wasted as his out of place pretty rival colleague. Willem Dafoe is the big boss who is kind of a one dimensional horrible boss.

Not a must watch.

Reviewed by shamrock_d 10 / 10

A good story about the values that modern society seems to have lost

As I was watching this movie, it occurred to me that the story line could be one that professional critics would not like. After the credits rolled, I went online to read.

As expected, yes, many users or viewers enjoyed the movie as much as I did. We knew what lines the story would follow - the father obsessed with work and career, the loving home-based mother, the lovable, neglected children who yearn for their often physically and emotionally absent father's affection and attention. As expected too, most professional reviewers had nothing much good to say about it.

Yes, all totally formulaic but the way it was handled in "A Family Man" made it a very enjoyable and emotional ride with excellent performances from each of the actors. Max Jenkins, as the son Ryan, put in a particularly outstanding performance with a subdued, yet subtle portrayal capturing the emotions that made for a perfect buffer to Gerard Butler's loud, overbearing headhunter-father persona.

Each role was played with a small twist that separated them from what we would expect from a family drama. Absent were all the screaming, loud sobs and yelling other than a few which were short and aptly done.

Doctor Singh was a nice touch, adding again a more subdued and yet heart-warming approach to the usual on-screen doctor stereotypes. Despite the much-criticized formulaic script, the trips outside of the hospital gave us a deeper insight into the father-son relationship and how it develops very gradually and even almost imperceptibly.

Of special interest too were hospital scenes that were bereft of the usual gut-wrenching scenes of the pain of treatment. The one solitary emergency scene was short and nicely cut at the right time without the extended flurry and scurrying that ER scenes entail.

I was happy to read a viewer describe how he and the audience in a fully-packed theater gave a standing ovation at the end of a screening, which goes to show that professional critics in general may have become possibly too cynical in their outlook and what stories and movies about life should be like and, in so doing, distancing themselves from us, the people in the street. How many of us do not follow the general formula for life - childhood, education, work, getting married, raising a family, leaving a legacy? If viewers want a story that helps remind us of what we face in life and some of the values that we may have temporarily put into the closet, see this movie. Just don't expect too much. Immerse yourself in the characters.

In the end, too, we are reminded that what goes around does come around.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and it brought me much clarity as well as food for thought.

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